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Not Fade Away








No! Yes! Kickass! Oh wow it's-

It's what should have happened. It's not happy, a lot happened, and yeah, it ends in the middle of things, as it were.

I'm deeply satisfied by the finale and also extremely bummed out. Cause, you know, Wes.

Angel signing away Shanshu was one of the best moments of the show. As was Connor showing up.

Wes is not dead. He is mostly dead. Someone get a Miracle Man.

Gunn's part was great.

Lorne? Awesome. His heart wasn't in the mission and Angel gave him a pretty big mission. Telling Lindsey his future? Wow. That's a twist.

I have no Spike complaints. *g* Everything from "Can I at least deny you three times?" to reading his poetry while wasted was perfect.

"I kinda want to slay the dragon."

You know what? Angel will. That's what he does.
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