I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

and sometimes I swam in water too.

Yesterday was the first time I notice that the daylight hours are growing short. Yeah, we're heading into fall and while this summer was plenty hot, the transition of long dark afternoons is not something I look forward to and I think: did I waste this summer? No, I didn't. Now it wasn't a summer of me being particularly financially responsible, which, oh god, I will promise I'll behave myself post-Disney trip in November, and I'll be less of an idiot for the next two months, but then I'm very uptight about spending and how I stopped myself from dropping $100+ when I'd get coupons for like, "spend $200 get half off!" deals in the mail, I have enough clothes, to the point I packed up all my winter stuff because I was running out of room and I have a walk-in closet, jeez.

So. The summer, to recap, out of order, a few things:

- so many awesome concerts with fourfreedoms. Sometimes the opening act was shitty, the crowd was full of d-bags, it was too hot, and I'd get dehydrated because I'm a moron, but oh my god. You guys, it was such fun!

- good times up in the cabin by the woods. That time I sort of broke the law while my friends were doing their photography thing. Caramel apples. Lying alpaca farms. How I still haven't experienced Dairy Queen.

- dogsitting. all the dogsitting. Forever. (Okay it was only that one time.) Pretending to be a Manhattanite is fun.

- Irving Plaza vs. surprise performance at Rockwood. Rockwood wins out insofar as 21+ and intimacy makes for a chill performance and the lack of screaming sing-a-longs is all I've ever wanted. However. Meeting lovely folk pre-Irving and getting to see that huge crowd all for one dude was pretty nice plus I was nicely tipsy and bro'd up with a bouncer-type dude. Still, never again, sorry, DCriss, love your work and hearing you sing live is amazing and OMG NAYA RIVERA I LOVE YOU, but your teenage fans are entitled assholes who are rarely polite. (Not talking about the ones who are nice, I'm talking about the assholes who laid waste to NYC streets with piles of garbage and the ones that bitched at how they "couldn't see" when I wouldn't let them walk over to a blocked off section on the balcony that meant jostling into the people I was hanging with after I explained time and time again how that section was basically super VIP VIP only.)

- Extended LotR movie screenings anyone? I got to see two of them, and they were everything I wanted, but fuck you forever, dudebro and your annoying chittering friends during Return of the King. You weren't funny ever. But my companions were sexy, amazing bitches and perhaps I enjoy their company.

- lol glee live was kind of awesome, shut up, do you know how close I was to the Single Ladies dance? SO CLOSE. *____* I regret not getting a show program because the Blaine picture was so hideous, I had dreams of getting people to sign it and disfigure that creepy photoshopped face.

- Precious caithream coming up to visit us NYC gals. The Museum of the Moving Image had the most amazing Henson exhibit. Needs more soup dumplings.

- slowly I am starting to get familiar with bits and pieces of Brooklyn. This is amazing progress.

- meanwhile, I fail at all things Queens. Good job.

Labor Day weekend is coming up, the last "real" summer experience before we head into the delay of fall where it can still be hot going into October. I've got things that'll keep me plenty busy, people visiting this month and perhaps in October too, so no, this was a really good summer, I did a ton, shut up brain, you suck, I went out and did more than my former high school self could ever imagine doing, I socialized, I went on a couple of dates that went nowhere (ahahaha of course), and I write some shit too.

Tonight: laundry, so much laundry, finish beta-ing, perhaps dinner and then spend the next couple of days trying to spend time reminding vorpal_pen that actually I'm not cool at all.
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