I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

my cat is not an alarm clock, I'm an adult.

Last night my cat Taylor totally creeped into my bedroom right before I went to sleep and I woke up with him in my bed. Not cool, cat. It was hilarious waking up to him though because I had no idea what hell was sleeping next to my laptop. Then I remembered I had pets.

Tomorrow I go home for the weekend and run many errands! I also need to sort through some old stuff I was keeping at my grandparents' house, oh god, try to be a grownup and toss old stuff that I don't need.

Sometimes I think I'm not prepared at all for my upcoming trip to Disney in November and then I'll jot down this list:

Villa reservations: booked
Flights: booked
Tickets: to be purchased end of month
Christmas Party: to be purchased/need to discuss with grandpa

I'm good, really I am! Dinner reservations have been made, I'll finish the itinerary for reals by the end of October in case there are changes in the hours of operation (how Amazing Race of me), logistics as far as transport, I am not going to be in charge of it although I am musing about pricing out taxi charges, hmm.

I was going to rant about people flipping out over a spoilery episode summary in Glee fandom but it seems to have cooled down and then another summary came out and so far, there is less freaking. Which is good and wow, dudes, way to wank yourselves into a fine froth. I have noted those who immediately resort to sexist comments because god forbid a canonically gay male character share any screentime with a straight female character.

It's Fashion Night Out today which means I shall be going home, eating delicious leftovers (penne with goat cheese, mushrooms, and basil) and watching Project Runway. Exciting times. Actually, I could go to Saks Fifth Avenue and tell Ryan Murphy that I am very disappointed in what he did to Nip/Tuck. Then I'll turn around and whisper, "I loved Original Songs. Damn you, sir."

No I would never do that. What I am tempted to do is go to the Theory store down in Chelsea and watch the Freelance Whales perform yet, I cannot. I'm not a fashionable person, my heart bleeds mall girl and I have to resist buying shit for like, the next couple of months. ignore that I'm on the hunt for new shoes and/or sneakers

Note to self: buy shit this weekend, it's always cheaper than NYC. Well. Trader Joe's is usually the same price, which is AWESOME. tbh the 72nd street location is a hell of a lot easier to get to than the one closer to my job. What's that all about?

Tell me of your weekend plans, dear flist. I plan on being extremely antisocial since the rest of this month is jam packed with dear friends and lots of going out into that world we call "in real life."
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