I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

the eternal philosophical question: which seat shall I take on this, most fri of days?

To Narina and the North!

I always harbor under the delusion that I am doing nothing when I go visit my mom because I like to be unorganized that way. It is not so but let's hope I can remain in relatively good spirits as I realize how much driving around I'll have to do just to get everything done this weekend.

And I just looked at my September calendar and winced. Well, I will have Fun Things booked for quite a while, problem is that oh my god, I am going to be so out of it. Fair warning, y'all. Then I kick off October going to a talk featuring Chris Colfer. I will have to be forcibly held back if I see any pink sunglasses in the audience. No.

I am slowly working on the prompt fics; I'm handwriting them to sort of clear my head and I have a couple in the works. One is already over 1K and NOT EVEN DONE. Sigh. That one I'm going to rest for a bit so it doesn't get ridiculous. sotto_voice gave me a prompt that I could easily write over 5K worth of fic. I'm going to die.

Managed to sign up for salt_burn_porn. 24 hours or death! I'm scared I'll get hit with it when I have no time to write but hopeful to bang out some porn. see what I did there? Need to write Sam/Dean and remember those two fucked up dudes.
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