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wherein there are wishes of deligtful days and shaaaaame

Firstly, I must forewith (can you tell I'm at work?) wish belated birthdays herein to the following loverly person:


*Ahem* As I am shaaaamed for missing out on wishing you both happy birthday, I offer my services to write a fic of choice for both of you.

Happy Birthday shout outs go out to:


So much love for all of you. So much.

In 'me' news (cuz it's all about me), I checked out my grades and I did okay. A 3.7 overall and my total gradepoint average for three years is now a 3.6.

Art of Asia: B+ (damn that final paper! Really this class was just boring. I don't like the professor at all. And I'm taking a class with her next year.)

Peoples and Cultures of Mexico: A- (totally deserved)

The English Renaissance: A- (my brains exploded when I wrote the final paper. I'm surprised I did so well)

Contemporary Poetry: A (hell yeah. I actually examined the poems and not the poet unlike many of the dumbasses in that class.)

Philosophy and Criticism of Art: A (loved this class even though we'd always get out late, about 15 or 20 minutes. We decided that luck is responsible for great artists, everything can be art, and that art will always be made. Yes, simple answers after heavy-ass readings of complex philosophy. Take that, Plato.)

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