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Glee: Purple Piano Project

First off because I did actually like the episode (but then I saw it via the magic of DVR as I was out later than normally last night having dinner with my mom, the things I do for her, I had to walk through Times Square to get to my train), let me link to a more thoughtful response to one thing that bugged me last night:

I liked reading this particular point on glitter bombing and its actual purpose as opposed to Glee's use of it. Or rather, Will Schuester's use of it as a protest against cutting arts funding whereas glitter bombing has been about protesting oppression against LGBT rights.

Other rage point: Will and Emma and their relationship. I think Emma was actually adorable in her scene with Kurt and Rachel (excellent use of pamplets there, whoever thinks up those titles must be having a blast), but oh my god, the implications of the Will/Emma home life was just off-putting. WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOUR LACK A SEX LIFE IN FRONT OF A COWORKER (SUE) AND YOUR BOSS (FIGGINS)? EMMA ALSO WORKS WITH THOSE PEOPLE, YOU JERK. Will is such an ass. I just. Hate him. So much.

(nothing about Emma's virginity will be dealt with in a way that doesn't make me squicked out. Jesus, she was married for months and didn't have sex with her husband and Will is whining about how he's living with someone who clearly has some huge issues about her own sexuality and oh my god, I just cannot deal with having his POV on the matter, shut up forever, Will.)

Jane Lynch saves a lot of stuff that other actors would have difficulty with. I didn't immediately ping onto it on the first watch but the undertones of Sue's "choose me or glee" speech to Santana was definitely suggesting that she knew Santana is gay (the line about playing for both teams) and oh, give me a moment before i get to Santana. Back to Sue running for congress: there's a lot that is going to be horribly wrong with this storyline but I was pretty much okay with it in this episode. I do feel bad for people who watch Funeral to this ep because yet again, we completely throw out Sue deciding to help out the glee club so that she can destroy them.

lol oh glee forever man.

Let's do this by characters:

Quinn: er, okay. I just. I accept it and let's move on.

Brittany: I will get you a time hoodie so that you may enjoy time travel. It was great to hear Heather get a solo on a song, she has a pop voice, which is fine, and damn her dancing is amazing.

Tina: your hair is adoooooorable. Will she get some solos now that she and Artie are the two kids definitely staying on in the 4th season? Only time will tell.

Mercedes: I like her and the new boyfriend (did we hear his name? It's rumored to be Marcus, which is funny since the actor is named LaMarcus, but I don't think it was said). Her willing to audition for the lead in the musical is a nice sign of her starting to compete for a turn in the spotlight, so I'm all for that.

Puck & Artie: hey, they had lines! IDK what's up with Artie, as for Puck, sigh, goodbye Puck/Lauren, I enjoyed you. Mark is really not able to pull off hardened/older looking teen kid at all these days.

Mike Chang: YOU GOT TO SPEAK AND STUFF. And you danced around and were awesome and called out offensive Sue being offensive and I want more Mike Chang always, 'k?

Finn: find your fuckin' purpose, man. Maybe it's not being an all star singer (ahahahaaha) but like, stop with the woe is me crap. And if you try to go after Blaine in order to cement your top dog status as the lead male soloist in glee club, you and me are gonna have words.

Rachel: I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. I don't know why the writers make you do so many extra-circulars and then don't have you with any actual theater work since you've been taking acting/dancing/singing lessons since in the WOMB but um, okay lol glee. I believe in you and you can be my boyfriend.

Kurt: BLAINE LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART AND YOU LOVE HIM BACK JUST AS HARD. Just. Ugh. I adore you. The "Hummelberry" friendship is a lot of fun and if there's any pair of crazy kids who'll do anything for their dreams, its those two. Not sure how the "Kurt runs for student president" plot will pan out (poorly probably because glee) but hey, this is the Kurt that comes from having friends and loved ones supporting him, this is a Kurt that is healed and happy. And I love seeing that.


Sorry. Just. I love all of Darren's interviews where he was all "oh I wanna stay with the Warblers, I love those guys" in his press interviews and oh how fandom gnashed its teeth and then tried to come up with elaborate reasons for Blaine transferring schools (whereas Jesse St. James transfered easily in S1 and Kurt was able to go back to McKinley in like, a day) and it's just: Blaine struts up to Kurt's locker in his adorable outfit, puts an arm against the locker and says, "bad day?"

No, it's a great day, Blaine, because we've skipped over dramallama to get you to McKinley. You're here, you're fabulously queer, now go dance dorkily to Tom Jones. Seriously, I don't care about the reason, I don't care if "I DID IT FOR LOVE" is the reason (which, eh, Blaine said he did it for himself, so like, fine, I'll take it), fandom beat that plotline into the ground and all that is left is Blaine and his ridiculous prep/hispter/nerd wear. As well as yet another shoutout to Darren's sunglasses, this time in yellow.

Also...a sort of funny joke in the opening coffee scene between Kurt and Blaine: when Kurt talks about spending all summer trying to convince Blaine to transfer, that's actually sort of a thing that happened on the glee tour. The skit between Brittany, Blaine+Kurt is Kurt proposing to Blaine (and by extension, Chris Colfer trolling the fuck out of Darren to get him to crack, which Darren retaliated with in the final night of the tour by kissing him). Not marriage of course, but for Blaine to join New Directions. "I thought you'd never ask!" Blaine said every night.

I could write novels about those fucking looks Kurt and Blaine were shooting at each other. Go get married, fffffs, you're going to make my heart explode. Their dynamic was so, so great in each scene together. ("Married by 30, legally!" yay shoutouts to NY passing equality marriage.)

Sugar Motta: I like you, you're an asshole, can't sing, and yet, you told Will to shut up. Gold in my book.

Last, my dear Santana.

I don't even understand how her getting that piano set on fire was worthy of being BANNED from glee. Fucking Schuester.

There's this photoset on tumblr going around of Kurt, Blaine, and Brittany and one of the shots is begging for the following macro: The Remaining Queer Members of New Directions Disapprove of Your Shenanigans. I need that in my life.

Like, I am actually unable to write more about it because I am suffering a mild rage blackout. This episode gave me hot Blaine and Santana performing with each other action and yet it has all been ruined because Santana's out of glee.


Basically, Will is a dick for doing that to Santana, especially since he shouldn't have done it in front of the entire club. You are the worst when it comes to treating the female members of glee. The. Worst.

That rant aside, this episode was so much better than the S2 premiere. I look forward to future rage, I'm sure, but right now, I enjoyed this episode a lot.
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