I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks

So Tuesday night, I saw Foster the People at Terminal 5. I was planning on writing up a post about it and well, that didn't happen so much.

Quick rundown of the openers:

Reptar - lolzy name (I'm pretty sure that's a character Rugrats) but they had great banter with the audience, were really entertaining, and the hippie keyboardist looked like he was the creation of Sid and Marty Kroft show. It was amazing.

Cults - terrible. Their equipment was messed up and the lead singer was really hard to hear, PLUS she did that irritating little girl pose where you hold the hem of your dress, only she did it THE ENTIRE SET. Ugh.

Also the Cults set had these three assholes (2 girls and a guy) cram into a non-existent space next to me. I didn't realize until the end of the show that both girls were underage but the guy was feeding them drinks...over my shoulder. They were loud, obnoxious, kept talking about how they'd push their way to the front, and one the girls was that obnoxious I'm being reasonable drunk and when I was first like, "um excuse me, you weren't here before" said to me "we all paid the same."

So. I was already pissed at them, stone cold sober, dealt with their annoying asses pressed up against me and "Reasonable" Drunk Girl kept knocking into me and was often hitting my body/pressing against me.

I finally snapped during the break between the Cults/Foster the People and I had been holding my hands up exactly where my breasts stick out to keep her from knocking into me. So I gently pushed her away because oh my fucking god, I was done with it, and y'know that's when she acknowledged I existed and she called me a bitch. Then drunk asshole douchebro came in to white knight for her and um, screaming argument happened. I'm pretty sure that the guy would've punched me but the girls started trying to diffuse the situation, but it was pretty ugly and unpleasant and I was just so fucking angry.

Like, he was all, "you're drunk" and UGH, I was like, "excuse me, you've been drinking" and he's like "no we're not" (except when you were switching drinks OVER MY SHOULDER!) and he said, "have you ever been here?" (LOL SHUT UP, I have) and "it's always like this" and I could not take being condescended to by an asshole. When I snapped that he had been basically leaning on me for half the set, he was actually said, "yeah you wish" like REALLY, yeah bro, you're just so hot and awesome, I really want some of that. Actually what I said was "fuck you, sweetheart" so that is my default term for people I hate. Good to know.

The girl in front tried to apologize (Reasonable!Drunk) and I just, well, I just shut down and focused on enjoying Foster the People, although I was still pretty pissed.

So. Foster the People? Loved them. Wish the crowd wasn't so d-baggy but I am coming to term that concerts that are not 21+ plus seem to always bring out the assholes. AMAZING, that.

I love that this vid, it's pretty decent audio quality and hey, I WAS THERE. 5 people back from the front of the stage.

Warning: there are flashing lights, so if that bothers you, be aware.

And to make the world a better place, here' Nick Offerman being awesome.
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