I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

it's not unusual to find out your arms hate you

Where did the end of September/beginning of October go?

Well. I Did Stuff. Culminating in yesterday at work where I had to put out several fires (one self-inflicted due to stress on Friday, UGH FAIL) and wound up carrying, let's say watermelons (40x60 sized watermelons) up to my office, charging the purchase on my credit card (FFFFFFFFF), and now my arms, shoulders, and neck are like: what, you want us to work? Well fuck you, lady.

That's what's up. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow. Or I'll be sobbing all week.

Family drama is on the rise, plus my grandfather (who hates my liberal ways) is coming in for the weekend, so to the homestead I go. Somehow my mom was agreeable to my wacky scheme to take me home way late on Friday night as I'm going to see Twin Shadows with fourfreedoms that night. Normally I'd just train it home on Saturday but I have an early doctor's appointment that I cannot miss.

Tonight: Star Trek with people I hate. In IMAX but that means nothing, what is meaningful is that Star Trek on the big screen! All my tears for the SADDEST opener ever. All my lols for the amazing "bitch, please" moments. Yaaaaaaay.

I am three for three in missing Glee's episodes airing live. It's kind of awesome, actually. Glee fandom is...look, you aren't allowed to be unspoiled in that fandom if you want to engage in it. It's kind of awful. What's also awful is that people over-speculate and drive themselves in a frenzy and then that bleeds all over the reactions when people finally see the episodes. I definitely notice when someone who was complaining about a spoiler is still angry about it when the episode airs even though what happened on the show is quite different from the spoilers.

It's interesting and immensely frustrating; you're forced to argue against things that did not happen. No, X Character isn't "stealing" this from Y. That's based on wonky spoiler speculation months ago. Stop it. (I'm not talking about an upcoming episode for the record, this is about the first two eps this season.)

Where was I going? Oh yeah, this: by watching things hours after, when it's been picked clean apart by tumblr fandom, and in the comfort of my own convenience, I find myself enjoying the show a lot. So that's awesome.

But man, even at Chris Colfer's New Yorker panel (which was awwwwesome, though I'd have liked more information about his upcoming movie), the spoilers were crazy and Colfer, bless him, was quite happy to playfully reveal spoilers.

Seriously. I have never seen such a blatant disregard for keeping things secret. It's...amazing.

spoiler spec in comments. :D
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