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I was a taller girl too, once.

Glee: Asian F

So the opening to Star Trek can still make me cry. Good to know.

And now I talk about Glee.

Things I Loved:

- All the Mike Chang forever. Living a Mike Chang appreciation life is a good one. So far he's still evaded the douchey moments of other characters and I can only hope he continues on that path. It's so amazing to see Harry Shum Jr. dance and I'm so glad he got to sing in TWO (!) numbers. His dance with his mom made me tear up. Plus I loved dream!Tina telling him why she fell in love with him; I took it to be her seeing him doing something that he loved was her "a-ha" moment, which is very Glee...Kurt crushed hard on Blaine for singing Teenage Dream and Blackbird finally clue-by-four'd Blaine into something everyone had known all along, you are hearteyes for Kurt, kid.

- Kurt and Blaine. You guys have a long road ahead. I am exhausted arguing in Glee fandom about why they haven't been making out in public (PERHAPS ONE OF THEM WITH A HISTORY OF GAYBASHING IS A BIT RELUCTANT and the other one was openly mocked by his school for being gay barely last year) and I liked that they both were shown to hesitate in embracing during the flowers exchange. And damn, that was a cute scene, as was Blaine's joyful hug when realizing he got the part of Tony.

- I hate West Side Story but I completely forgot about that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David gets Gee, Officer Krupke stuck in his head and hilarity ensues. Gee Officer Krupke, KRUP YOU! So thank you for reminding me, Glee.

- Santana is Anita. All is right with the world, even though again, I despise that musical.

- Brittany can dance forever, thanks.

- Finn dances like Kermit. It's amazing.

Things that I WTF'd:

- The Dreamgirls dream sequence. I. I don't know how to feel about it. I really hated the song when I listened to it on First Listen Friday (why do they always make lol fat people jokes on Glee? It's so gross.) but the number itself was so strange, weird, and bizarrely interesting. Might not have been Chris Colfer's best singing but his acting was hilarious.

- Why is Officer Krupke such an important character to cast? Who the fuck is playing Bernardo? (at this point, just fucking cast it gender-blind and give it to Brittany because reasons.)


- Mark Salling has officially hit the "looks his age + a few years" wall and whatever going on with his hair is kind of awful. Still, he was allowed to sing a song! That was nice. (Remember when I cared about Puck singing in S1? Ah, the old days.)

- I like Mercedes. I like Rachel. They are once again drawn into a stupid battle against each other because this is the only way the writers can deal with female friendships and create conflict. I think Rachel was in the wrong and she made a selfish move in throwing her name for the student presidential race. I don't think Mercedes is blameless but I think she's getting far too much scorn for actions that are completely understandable. Also Mercedes should kick Mr. Schuester in the head. (Rachel can kick him in the shins for emphasis.)

Things I Hate:

- Will Schuester. The problem is, the writers still love him. I can tell they do. I can see in the writing that his POV is Good and Just. He "means well" and gets all puffed up when learning Mercedes had a great audition as if he anything truly to do with it. He forced Emma's parents to visit without getting her to be honest about her hesitance, he handed her a box of porn (! they have been co-habitating but not sleeping together for months at this point, right? Jesus, that is messed up) to make up for reading her wedding mags, and I JUST CANNOT WITH HIM ANYMORE, OKAY? He is the AT&T of people.

- OCD is not fixed because someone loves you very, very much. And if someone looks like they are relapsing or in dire need of help, YOU CALL THEIR DAMN THERAPIST OR INSIST ON DRIVING THEM TO THEIR THERAPIST. You do not sing Coldplay at them.

- fat jokes. lolololol what a shocker Ian Brennan wrote this.

- Lauren Zizes is in the crowd during the gym/dance scene but not actually enough to be featured. Damn you, Glee.

- Yeah um, redheaded people in America don't call themselves ginger. And as the recipient of recessive red (Puerto Ricans carry the redheaded gene, it's almost as if genes can be carried over LONG PERIODS OF TIME), the redhead gene is not going away. That was a silly, stupid plot.

- I want to like Shane but this episode isn't going to get me to love him. I have faith in you, sir! I have seen some of your work on youtube.

- the way they shoehorned in Mercedes not feeling well to do the Dreamgirls number which lead to so many people asking if Mercedes is pregnant that Amber Riley had to go to her twitter to say that she isn't. Smooth move, Glee.

And now the show is on hiatus for the rest of the month. I shall be facepalming at fandom losing its ever-loving mind. Fun times?
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