I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

and then there's that time when I'm super boring

Boy this surprise spring (it feels SEVENTY outside) is pretty awesome, hey what's that, I got a mosquito bite on my back OVER MY SPINE oh god, I can't even sit without feeling pain, joy to the world.

As I didn't realize I had an extended weekend thanks to that asshole who didn't want to be buried on Spanish soil so the Spaniards said lol, "BURIED, you say?" and took a part of his corpse and entombed it in a catafalque at the Catedral de Sevilla. That story might not be accurate but y'know, it's not like we ever learn the damn truth growing up, we learn Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, and not "and that's how we kicked off this horrific genocide and birthed the awkward history of being Hispanic in the Americas."

My dad's an asshole but it's pretty accurate to be like, "man, fuck that guy." But Christy C's day is over so hey, at least a mosquito stung me yesterday. What a great end to a surprise three day weekend.

If you're wondering if I have suddenly become interesting, the answer is obviously no. Things wot I did this weekend: bought stuff, including socks and shoes! Okay, by shoes, I mean a pair of Converse sneakers I've had my eye on and been waiting to see them in my size, and yay, I'm wearing them today, and the other pair is New Balance. I have been a faithful Nike wearer since the 7th grade, when, as I like to say, I broke my feet in to the Nike shape, and I've been happy ever since.

Look, you scrape the back of your heels raw and keep on walking, that's how it works for me. Once your skin scabs over, you gotta wear the shoes that broke you in, or all the pain wasn't worth it. But Nikes have been disappointing me as of late, not only are the latest offerings pretty hideous, they're just not the same quality wise. I found a pair of New Balances that seem promising. I've got a month to break them in so that they'll be ready for the aggressive walking I'll be doing come my Disney vacation, for some of us meander in theme parks and some of us have set plans and will outpace anyone that tries to get in our way.

Speaking of, so close to polishing off trip plans. My granddad came up this week, bringing along the MOST ADORABLE DOG IN THE WORLD (next to my wee doggie). She is everything precious and such a demanding attention seeker, lol. If I started massaging Tino's back legs, she'd get all huffy. At one point I had Tino in my lap and when he went to move to the middle of the couch, she immediately jumped on my lap and settled there. Hilarious. She's got a really sweet personality, she just likes to be loved and admired. My grandpa spoils her rotten but it's good for him, he's spend so much of his life being a caretaker for my grandma and he needs someone/something with him to keep his spirits up.

I still miss my grandma quite a bit but it's good to see that my grandpa's doing well. He's even dating and I'm kind of like, happy for him? IDK. It should be weird, but it's great to know that he's got friends and folks looking after him when he's in Florida.

Smurfiest of thoughts.

Kay. I'm days away from buying tickets to Disney, at which point, I'll gently sob into a pillow about how much money I'm spending even though I know I have to do it.
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