I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

in an ideal world, we'd all be cool and become Pawnee Goddesses

Today is a day that calls for fine dining and a dignified visit to a shots bar. I plan on wearing an invisible monocle. I should also put on some makeup to look presentable but I'm too busy melting in my office.

Yesterday, Glee fandom finally broke the last straw of zen I had left and I posted a rant on Tumblr regarding Blaine Anderson's ethnic background and how I will not stand for people saying it's just simpler if the show presents him as completely white (and having two white parents). A quick note to the .5 people who go to that link, my Tumblr is not spoiler-free but that post certainly is; just don't go to my main page since there may have a couple of posts up regarding upcoming episodes/spoiler speculation (as well as spoilers for other shows - I tend to reblog gifs of episodes that recently air).

It was validating to see that other people got me, because god, it's not going ruin the fucking show if a half-Asian character gets to stay half-Asian. I just cannot handle the "but he LOOKS white" nonsense.

I was a lot angrier yesterday, now I'm pretty calm but this is a surefire way to get me into a rage and man, ignorant people sure do like to blather on this subject like they're goddamn authorities. (And they are almost always white people who just have no idea how offensive they're being.)

On to other TV things:

Didn't watch Project Runway last night. Will at some point this weekend. This is not really a very amazing group of designers and I feel the winner was basically picked from the start of the season. Meh.

I saw Community late last night and Parks and Rec in the morning. Both made me believe that we are living in excellent times if you are a fan of awesome comedy. I also think P&R is probably the most feminist-positive television show I've ever had the honor to watch. Female friendships are valued! Women can be friends with men and not have ~sexual tension. Women are happy single or in a relationship but neither has any significant bearing on who they are as a person!

In conclusion, I want to be Leslie Knope when I grow up.
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