I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

last friday night (before Glee comes back from hiatus, lord beer me strength)

Parks and Recreation is my happy place. I didn't love Community last night but that was almost a given. Last season's zombie episode was probably one of my favorite Halloween episodes especially as it called out so many horror genre tropes AND had an awesome Star Wars joke.

I'm done with Shirley. The fact that her story ended with a "gay marriage = end of times" joke made me sick to my stomach. The writers can make everyone an asshole but when you have a character that we're supposed to like (at least, not consider as shitty as Pierce) casually act like an asshole about the RIGHTS of people, then no, I'm not going to be "oh that's funny." Fuck you.

Warren Pierce. Okay, see that? That's hilarious. Because Britta britta'd an important book from literary canon because she's that person.

Everything Troy and Abed is perfect. And of course, Abed's the Only Sane One. Of course.

As I'm traveling home to visit mi madre and do such exciting things such as laundry and annoying doctor appointments that will solve nothing, I leave the internet to you, my flist. Use it wisely.

How sad that this is Halloween weekend and aside from a sweet fangirl meetup/dinner tomorrow, my most exciting plans involve housework at my mom's place. Party hard.
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