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Like Lightning Captured in a Bottle

like lightning captured in a bottle


maybe it was the hurricane,

a twister of a tornado, all water, an element yet not

the elements of atmosphere, rounded ways of saying

this the plastic hull, the world, the device, the keeper

here are the mouths, married, combined with gray electric tape

the eclectic mix of a diet Dr. Pepper and the most

distinguished Fresca, label poorly peeled away

and not forgotten, but clear enough to see

a fasimile, suppose this is forevermore reality,

and thus watch, the creation doth tremble,

the tepid, still body of water is transformed,

the world flips upside down, a shake perhaps,

an earthquake without earth or Mother Nature's quake,

the creator is not a magician nor a god, but

merely a spectator with keen eyes,

and there, like lightning,

or perhaps a hurricane,

the weather controlled

and the storm settles down.

Swirling to the bottom, as time itself stops,

there is nothing spoken, save a breathless

"Do it again."

redefining the universe

one day
he will explain.

he will explain that the universe
is dispersed
in blades of grass
and every blade is the same
and every detail is just a
shade of unremarkable,

a slight twist and it's

a previous day he hadn't said
the universe is most mysterious
and none can know its secrets.

one day he'll tell her: you don't. You can't.


she doesn't understand him and she never will.
He'll love her all the same.

one day
he'll have everything
he wants

and it still won't be worth what he will lose.

one day he's going to die
bleed away
like fragile realities
he turned upside down
watching tornadoes
captured in bottles

and it would not be wrong;
a sweet revenge of the universe,
immortality gained
gifted granted
the words do not matter,
and the universe screams

he will be silent
cast in the bottle
and he will die.

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