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History Lesson for the President, and a rant from me

President Bush: " Like the Second World War, our present conflict began with a ruthless, surprise attack on the United States."

Yes. That isn't quite insane troll logic, but it is the misguided "America is at the center of history always! OMG!!111!!!" type of xeno-centric view that makes me fear and loathe this administration.

(Will not start ranting about how the news almost instantly changed the reports about the Madrid train bombings into "how will this affect US?" instead of, I don't know, actually giving us news of how those in Spain are dealing with that terrible, atrocious act. I must not, or this post will never end.)

And the question we should be asking is, "Is our president learning?" (oh wait, that's too grammatically correct...let me fix that.)

The question we NEED to ask is "Is our adminstration learning?"

No? It's still not as bad as "Is our children learning?" Oh well.

Wait! I got it:


Pretty much the only reaction one can have these days.

Okay, World War II did not start in 1941, Mr. President Asshat, historians (and pretty much the entire world, especially those who have funded education for their young citizens, Mr. President) cite the beginning as 1939, in a little event known as the invasion of Poland. Yes it happened in Europe. Bizarrely, given it was a WORLD War, that counts more than a terrible attack two years later, which only caused the US to finally come in, much like the calvary, as discussed in Eddie Izzard's special Dressed to Kill.

Our 'present conflict' by the by, is not linked with September 11th. Iraq was fought for 'freedom' as President Bush likes to claim. Not at all for those mythical "WMDs," no siree. And there's been no link between the terrorists and Iraq. Now, if he' referring just to the terrorists...then that's still idiotic.

This war? Is not at all similar to WWII. You. Asshat.

"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twi...fool me...fool me - can't get fooled again."

Yep. That's how the old saying goes.

The American President.

Arrrrrrrrgh! So much idiocy...it burnsssssssss.
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