I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

can't write for shit or be interesting for shit either

I realized I'm possibly really behind on Modern Family. I don't know how to do TV anymore. Okay, so tonight, I shall cook dinner and watch Top Chef, pretend I'm totally going to do laundry, and likely I will not accomplish any of this and crawl into my bed and fall asleep.

Highway into the danger zone.

I also can't write for shit which is making me mad as there's this short fic I want to do and every word I try to write doesn't do a damn thing. UGH. I hate feeling like this.

I'd ask for prompts but they'd just be for like, Glee fic ideas and only be about Blaine, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany, AKA Team Characters Who Deserve Better Storylines, Oh my god, I'm so sorry about your year long arc conclusion, Santana.

And with that comment, a brief and totally not a rant about the latest episode of Glee.

No, Finn. It's not about you. It's not about how she's the first girl you fucked because you were Sad that Rachel was dating someone else or how you heard about a kid who committed suicide (wow, Glee, fuck you for bringing up that child's death). Santana's decision to deal with the ramifications about being publicly outed are NOT. ABOUT. YOU.

After Mash Off, which I saw a week later than everyone else, and I thought was pretty great, this episode was even worse than imagined. Santana had no agency in the story of dealing with coming out (and again: PUBLICLY). At no point was there a conversation between Santana and Brittany, who are now officially a couple, about Santana dealing with any of this.

Kurt lost the election, yes, and Burt won his (a huge win that barely registered), but you know, Glee, you don't realize what you did in having Brittany win: a bisexual girl dating another girl just won the student election. Because you're not interested in telling that story, so what we get are: lulz that ditzy Brittany, giving people pixie sticks.

If Glee ever gets around to not joking about the fact that Brittany is a bisexual girl, I'm going to probably wind up punching myself in the face because I bet they'll manage to be even more offensive than this fucking episode.

I can't talk about the Puck+Shelby+Quinn stuff. I just CAN'T.

Also using the "I'd rather fuck [insert gross thing]" joke to show how sexually undesirable a woman is? WOW, Glee. Fucking. Wow. Not only is Quinn one of them crazy woman but she's not worthy of sex from such a wonderful person such as Puck. Truly, she is unworthy of the guy that still fucking refuses to practice safe sex.

I really liked the Perfect duet, Blaine's face, Kurt's face (but not that final poncho), Kurt's knees, Santana's face, the times when Brittany and Santana were allowed to interact (a cheek kiss behind Jacob Ben Skeeze for fuck's sake), Sugar Motta's everything, and Santana's scene with her grandma.

I was really shocked that so many people on Tumblr were stunned by Grandma Lopez's reaction. The actress is probably a couple of decades younger than my own grandma but um, that was pretty authentic, those words she said to Santana, how to say "it" out loud is what brings shame upon the family and how dare Santana make her feel uncomfortable.

But maybe not all of you have had a screaming, crying fight with your grandmother in front of a relative's house the day after Christmas. Really, you're totally missing out. :-(

(It was...family drama, and I'm over it now. Kind of.)

So the episode sucked hardcore and maybe next week will be better. This fuckin' show. The fandom is pretty lolzy at times, at least? Plus I really do like the characters (well, Finn and Puck are officially on my shit list) and the actors seem like pretty earnest people. SIGH. In it until I ain't, I guess.
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