I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

once upon a time this show called once upon a time was tearing me apart

So Once Upon a Time? Definitely hooked. As I'm not a fan of Lost, I have some reservations about multi-season long story building, but I think this first season is looking good so far.

Y'all, I am a sucker for fairytale retellings. Without any shame, I own The Tenth Kingdom on DVD and yes, I have watched it a disgusting number of times.

FUCK. THAT. WINDMILL. I mean, of course, Prince Charming isn't going to remember, save it for May sweeps, amirite? With a cliffhanger into S2 just for extra drama, so yeah, but DAMN. Charming/Snow White's story just became MORE interesting.

I was worried this was going to invalidate the backstory ep we got about Snow White but, dork that I am, I rewatched it after this ep and it SORT of holds together. I side eye Charming's awesome hunting skills unless he regularly was warring with sheep on the farm.

Not sure if we know his "real" name now. James is the name of his dead twin brother, what did Ma and Pa name the son they kept, since it seems James was a name chosen by the King & Queen? It makes Snow's convo with him about his name pretty awesome, dismissing his false name and deciding he's Charming. Although I think she called him James in several flashbacks, so did he never tell her that he's a Prince & Pauper story?

OMG how much do I LOVE that his story is a dark version of Prince & Pauper. Terrible admission here, but I actually like C.S. Lewis's Horse and His Boy novel because of the P&P reveal, although that story is racist as all hell, damn. (Talking horses are my weakness as well as switched at birth stories.)

So Rumpelstiltskin's baby barter industry isn't for baby eating. I see. Interesting that he seemed to "know" that the dragonslayer would be from Charming's family, but it's the pauper who saves the day. The good side to this dark fairytale, I guess. This also explains Charming's great disgust with Rumpelstiltskin later in life: it cost him his mother in a way. I wonder if he'll get to see her again or if it'll turn out she dies while Charming is off playing at James and getting involved with Midas's daughter>eventually breaking that off (I guess)> and then Snow White's whole drama since I guess she's got to "die" at one point so he can rescue her from near death/actual death in the glass coffin.

I was anxiously waiting about the ring and glad to see that it really did belong to Charming's mother and wow, doesn't that pack a hell of lot more meaning? It's representative of actual love (hence Charming's strange expression when Snow tries it on in the earlier episode) and seriously All He Has Left. No wonder he took the time to set a trap to capture Snow and kept on fighting for that ring.

Ha, I am so ridiculously interested in the backstory that I haven't mentioned any of the real time events save for that damn windmill. Interesting how Rumpelstiltskin seemed to be (gently) trolling Charming about his real memories re: Baby!Emma's mobile and almost seemed a little...disappointed? at how Charming got the false memories.

I don't think Charming is evil because he's "David" now and he crushed Mary Margaret's heart, I'm just like, damn that sucks.

I laughed so hard at Emma's disgust at the Sheriff climbing out of the window. Not sure if she was supposed to be disgusted because he's boning the mayor in the same house that Henry's sleeping, but it came off that she was more disgusted at the Sheriff making excuses and making her stay up all night so he could get his fuck on. Also grossed out because it's the mayor and besides the sketchiness of fucking your superior when you're in a position of authority like that, he pulled the "I'm adorable, I just want to help cute animals" shit in order to get her to cover his shift.

Emma was kind of cool in this ep. Especially when giving MM advice and saying that if it feels wrong, that probably means that it is. True words, lady.
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