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I was a taller girl too, once.

I don't ask a lot from Glee, but make my wish come true, all I want for Gleemas is booze

So yesterday was the low point of being sick and I was pretty sure i was going to be voiceless by the time I met up with fourfreedoms for dinner. However I was able to talk (though I did bring post-its as a hilarious backup plan). Instead I nearly screwed up everything by forgetting to print the tickets to see The National and by going to the wrong restaurant.

Yeah, I'm smooth. But it was all sorted out, delicious mint tea was had, a visit to Kinkos happened and we made our way to the Beacon Theatre. I really wish I had felt 100% as my energy levels dropped hard once they took to the stage but I really did enjoy myself. The seats were awesome and the opener was great even if her banter was a bit awkward.

Then I made my way home, cold meds depleted and memphis86 convinced me to watch Glee's Christmas episode before I went to bed.

Two things before I dive under the cut with rambling thoughts: a) I have the internet on my phone so I knew Tumblr fandom was in a tizzy about a scene being cut out of the ep and b) Community's episode Regional Holiday Music is the best Glee Christmas episode OF ALL TIME.

Seriously, that song between Blaine and Rachel is so perfectly awful.

I loved the black and white section of the episode so much. SO MUCH. I thought this was a case of the actors exceeding the material: Amber Riley, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and Lea Motherfuckin' Michele all committed so hard to the cheesiness, the weird jokes, and the 4th wall "oh gosh, we're being TELEVISED" reactions.

"And I told Justin Timberlake, that's not egg nog, you're drinking!"

Perfect dirty joke is perfect.

I didn't really like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, it just felt empty and the homage to the Star Wars Holiday special was really flat. Again, please see Community's riff on it, which was much more clever.

Everyone approves of Kurt and Blaine throwing fabulous holiday parties. I hope y'all caught that, especially Mike Chang's seal of approval.

Christmas Wrapping is a holiday song I actually love but I never remember the title of so perhaps I will now know it by its true name. The dancing was cute and once again, Harry Shum Jr. stole everything with his face.

It turns out I feel about Blue Christmas the way I feel about Sweet Transvestite. Only one person is allowed to sing it. And obviously, Blue Christmas belongs to the King.

The actor who plays Rory desperately needs acting lessons. This is going to backfire when they introduce the other "winner" from the Glee Project, as I believe he's even less charismatic, a far weaker singer, and has no ability to act, he just looks "pretty and conflicted." Oy.

Did you know Rachel and Puck are Jewish? Because you wouldn't know in this episode. The gross gift obsession of Rachel didn't really do much beyond linking up to Sam the Salvation of the Poor and Downtrodden's plot that disappeared halfway through the ep. But then Glee pimped out the Salvation Army, which, look, I know they're loud with their bells but their discrimination practices are disgusting. Having the daughter of two gay men happily dump a large chunk of change to fund a religious organization like that one is just SO WRONG.

I think the whole gift plot would was supposed to be contrasted with Blaine giving Kurt a present but we'll never know since that was cut out of the ep. While apparently Glee is saying they'll put it on the dvds, I tend not to trust Glee about that shit. They may release Santa Baby (done by Naya Rivera) at some point next week, but again, lol I trust Glee never.

Instead we get Rachel and Finn Learn an Important Lesson, the other couples exist in the background (Santana and Brittany: sometimes they are allowed to sit next to each other. Progress?), a lot of songs were just flat like River, which did not need to be the whole song, god, just interrupt it with Artie's weird decisions.

Still, after all that? A much better episode than Glee's Christmas ep last year. I don't go into a blackout rage the way I did watch last year's, I mean, besides Baby It's Cold Outside, I have no interest in that damn episode.

But Let It Snow and My Favorite Things! Such lovely, lovely numbers and holy crap, I think Darren and Amber harmonize really well together, I did not expect that. So I will watch the black and white spoof over and over again and hope Noxon doesn't write any more episodes, a pointless wish. (Oh, and Amber singing All I Want For Christmas! SO GOOD.)

Welp, if the rest of S3 turns into a huge clusterfuck, I can happily choose this episode as the "end" for me: the couples I like are in good places, Blaine got an awesome nickname from Sue, and Chewbacca showed up, so that's an awesome bonus.
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