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a dangerous pastime I know (adventures while in a nyc state of mind)

LJ, one day I'll remember to post things when they happen and not days later. So like, hi it's t-minus omg it's Christmas this weekend, I am not prepared, holy shit.

This is what happens when you are profoundly stupid and keep thinking you have another week. LOL NOPE. I need to write out a list of shit I need to do for the next couple of days and maybe get a few things on track.

But then, there was this weekend, which involved homoerotic tales on the big screen (Sherlock Holmes I AM SO GLAD I STAYED UNSPOILED, THAT WAS MAGICAL), an entertaining dog who needed all the attention, LOTR behind the scenes viewing, a visit to a tattoo parlor (my second time watching one of my friends getting tattooed, and oh, the hilarious conversations we had), and oh, yesterday, I got to see this guy perform at a concert for a little over 100 people and it was pretty damn awesome.

There were cupcakes, and vodka, and I got some AWESOME video of the whole thing although SIGH not the whole concert because I haven't taken off all my Disney photos on my memory card so I could only record about 20 minutes.

AND I'M SORRY BUT I GOT TO HEAR DARREN AND CHUCK PERFORM TOGETHER. That's all I never knew I wanted for Christmas. ;_;

This is probably the best picture I took using my phone since I didn't have the flash on. Some people had like, super serious cameras and got way better pictures than me.

Joe's Pub is a great little venue. It was a Toys for Tots charity affair announced the day of the event and because my weekend was weird and while I was in Manhattan Friday night, I actually headed home to sleep Saturday night so I was on a subway platform freezing my ass in the morning when ccmskatechick texted me about the details to the concert: only 100 people get in, you can buy 2 tickets per person, costs $10 and a toy to get the seats. And turned out that it was assigned seating, so fuck yeah, because Darren's standing room only concerts? I am NOT doing that again.

I don't know what factors came into play; that it was such short notice (I think details came out Friday night about the concert and nothing was announced until right after 9:00am Sunday morning and they started selling tickets at around 10:30am), that it was in Manhattan so only local NYCers could have a shot at tickets since you had to go to the box office, that idk, most of his younger (read: obnoxious) fans weren't going to rush in and buy a bunch of tickets for all their besties, maybe all of the above, but the vibe of the crowd was SO CHILL. Me and my crew of two were seated in a second level area so we had a great view over everyone's heads, and while my knees were crushed against the wall, it was just perfect.

Some people were seated right in the stage, which would have been a super awkward place to be, the performers can see you and when you're asked to participate, like "clap your hands" and you don't, the performers can see that.

(Sidenote: getting to and from Joe's Pub was just pure lols. I actually met up with K and J while they were waiting on line in the AM since I took the N down to 8th Street and after I gave K money, I bid them goodbye to drop off my bag and chill for a while at Team Dogsitting Adventures). Then I headed back to Joe's Pub a bit before 1pm since that's when everyone was being let inside of it only to get into a taxi that was going the most ridiculous route and just made it to the place while K & J were at the doors, like a couple of minutes away from being seated. I would feel bad if I was like line cutting or something but hey, assigned seating, fuck yeah.)

The Parents Criss were seated at a booth in front of us (just off to the right) and omg they are the most adorable human beings on the planet. Because there was a 2 drink minimum, I had 2 cranberry vodkas in preparation for being embarrassed at bad behavior but there was none, which I'm still amazed about. So this meant that after the concert was over, when I went down into that lower seating area to say hello to someone I had been chatting with on Tumblr (she was worried she wasn't going to get to see the performance and through a lucky conversation with Darren's manager, she managed to get in at the last moment, which is great for her, she's really nice), anyways, I had a "lol drunk!Reg is an idiot" moment where I had to pause to let Mrs. Criss pass by as she was making her way out of that area and oh how hard I had to resist saying "your hat is awesome."

Because really, she was wearing an awesome hat. I DIDN'T make an idiot of myself though, so success.

One of the really annoying fan-things about Darren's concerts is that his most hardcore fans tend to shout over him and drown him out when he's singing, especially if it's one of the songs used in the Starkid musicals. Or like, scream over him doing Teenage Dream, which is a fucking travesty since he does a very nice piano arrangement that isn't the original pop version OR the Glee version. So like, I was concerned about that but the venue was SO small and with Darren's family and friends in the audience, I hoped people would calm their tits and behave reasonably. While there were obvious Starkids in the crowd and some of Darren's um, Street Team people, I guess is how they could be called, there were like, some regular folk too. There were probably more dudes at this performance than I've ever seen (or heard about) before. Like, congrats bros, you finally got to see DCriss live before all the ladies snatched up tickets.

On my immediate right side were two hipster dudes. F'reals.

He had two of his local friends doing mini-sets before him, Theo Katzman and Charlene Kaye. I like Charlene a lot, she's very sweet and did a very sweet cover of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Theo blew me away, he's fantastic on guitar. He even came back to help backup Charlene and Darren during a couple of songs. I wish them both the best. As I was leaving, I had Charlene sign the poster (we got posters as well) when I saw her standing by the merchandise table. I'm sure if I was more sober, I would have said something awesome but I just told her how much I enjoyed her performance and that I had a good time seeing her at Rockwood and at her Don Hill show.

I wasn't going to stand on the crazy line to have Darren sign the poster because a) my WTF conversation with him on Easter is too perfect to ever need to talk him to again and b) I had to go back to my dogsitting duties.

There was a thing where I was carrying around cupcakes from Billy's Bakery, first as an "I'm Sorry" to Stef for making her wait around that morning for me and my Darren Criss concert nonsense and then to K and J for taking forever to get back to Joe's Pub. I left them with a few cupcakes and then later found out they gave them to Darren, and apparently he was appreciative of them. Damn straight, BIlly's Bakery makes AWESOME cupcakes.

As for the music, Darren sounded great. He'd performed at a charity benefit the night before at Lincoln Center and man, his voice is just doing all kinds of wonderful things. Whoever has helped him with vocal training deserves all the cookies. All the songs were great, though I do admit to skipping out during Coolest Girl (it's a little played out for me) as omg too much booze=bathroom ASAP. He fucked up his song Jealously so bad that he just basically mocked it by the end, which was entertaining, but yeah, pretty obvious he wasn't thrilled with screwing it up.

But he did I Still Think and Stutter and DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A RECORDING OF STUTTER WITHOUT THE FANS FUCKING SCREAMING ALONG? My camera missed the last 20 seconds of it but basically I got a recording of Stutter without the damn Starkid singalong. Motherfucking A++.

Strange day, GREAT day, hell of a way to end/start the year. 2010 ended rough with a few glimmers of hope on the horizon, 2011 has been filled with amazing experiences and wonderful friendships.

Sorry to get all squishy, but like, whether we've known each other for years, or have only just become friends, I am just so fucking grateful for y'all. Seriously.
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