I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

I look forward to when LJ removes subject headers from entries too.

Okay, so LJ's latest "update" is kind of the end of the line for me. Plus their refusal to understand why their update is completely broken and ruins the ability to interact via comments is another moment of wow, you guys are fucking pricks.

I'm doing another import at my dreamwidth account and I'm considering mirroring from there when I make posts because this fuckery is too much.

Comments at my lj are set up with my layout style. SORRY YOU'LL HAVE TO SEE THE WINCHESTERS BRO-ING IT UP.

I'm regala_electra at dreamwidth. I do have a twitter but it's fairly locked down, if we know each other IRL, of course I'll add you back. Obvious I'm on tumblr too but like that comes with some warnings: a) I use it to interact in glee fandom and b) I will sometimes talk about spoilers for upcoming episodes and they aren't always cut behind a read more.



A user of the site since 2003 and paying customer since 2004

ETA: It's going to take me quite a while but I will attempt to put all of my fic on Archive of Their Own as well. All my Glee fic is up there as well as a few SPN fics. Oh yay, a project I don't have time for! It's not like I'm busy for the next two months or anything.
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