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I was a taller girl too, once.

This Fic Retrospective goes to 2011

Look at all this fucking fic. Cribbing from my masterlist, which I updated since I actually missed adding a few fics so now it's all proper and shit.


In alphabetical order, although you can look at a chronological order here at Archive of Our Own. Save for drabbles, I've been trying to post all my fic there as well as lj.

Ben Has Two Gay Friends— (SPN Crossover, set in the Ben Has Two Dads 'verse, Kurt/Blaine, Sam/Dean, Ben/Other, R, 11,575 words)

The Boy on the Seesaw (or another kind of push and pull) — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 3,948 words)

Boys Seldom Make Passes At Boys With Flat Asses: A Sex Seminar With Santana Lopez — (Kurt/Blaine, R, 5074 words)

breathe you in deep — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 2,212 words)

A Calligrapher's Flourish — (Kurt/Blaine, PG, 226 words )

Cocksure — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 3,772 words)

Come Early and Come Often — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 5,830 words)

The Dangers of Kissing — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 1,646 words)

Devils in Training Wear McQueen — (Kurt Hummel, PG, 159 words)

Fleet Week Follies — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 7,620 words)

The Gender Performance Revolution Will Not Be Televised — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 1,791 words)

Grows Fonder — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 4,084 words)

Karaoke Curiosities — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 15,000 words, sequel to Fleet Week Follies)

mark him once for luck, twice forever — (Kurt/Blaine, NC-17, 1,853 words)

Of Love and Time Travel — (Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 1,556 words)

Rachel Berry’s Patented I’m Sorry Cookies (Patent Pending) — (Kurt/Blaine, PG, 1,361 words)

Sriracha and the Benefit of a Warm Compress— (Kurt/Blaine, R, 2,780 words)

Taste Like Me — (Brittany/Santana, PG, 257 words)

Where Are We Now — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 4,225 words)

World Conversationalists — (Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, 9,166 words)

CW RPS (J2):

circling the drain (PG-13, 5,644 words)


The Abyss Looks Back — (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,552 words)

isn't that the point — (Dean/Lisa, NC-17, 2,595 words)

Lessons For a Boy on the Road — (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 245 words)

The Return of Coach Roth — (Glee Crossover, Sam/Dean, Kurt/Blaine, R, 2,390 words)

Roller Coaster vs. Tunnel of Love — (Sam/Dean, R, 187 words)

the way we get by — (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 2,617 words)

Number of Stories Written: 27

Number of Words Written: 101,365

Overall Thoughts:

Damn, I had a lot of things to say about Kurt/Blaine. And I'm not done yet. I tended to have a lot more fun writing funny things and really didn't want to drown myself in writing angst unless I was writing SPN things for salt-burn-porn. Whoops.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?:

I wrote a lot more than I thought I would as far as pure word count. What I would think of as definitely shorter pieces wound up averaging 5K. I still can't believe it took me 15K words to write a NYC!verse Blaine Anderson POV fic. Seriously, that was like a surprise summer mini-bigbang for myself.

I am disappointed in the stories I wasn't able to complete. I keep setting them on the backburner as I'm hopeful I'll get to them one day. There are some great scenes but they just need more and I can't open them up and stare at empty space or I'll just block myself even more.

I'm glad I never finished one of my first Glee fic ideas, tentatively titled nyu hipsters are the worst as it wouldn't have been a very satisfying story since it was not destined to have a happy or terribly fulfilling ending.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Welllll at the beginning of January I certainly didn't think I'd write a sequel to Ben Has Two Dads that also was a Glee crossover AND back-referenced the real sequel to BH2D that I never finished since I can't access the sequel notes on my old laptop. So. That was just ridiculous. And that damn story wrote itself. I wrote nearly 10K in ONE DAY. That never happens. (Critical moment: due to it being in Ben's POV, I think Blaine's characterization is really thin and that's totally my fault, I should've worked on that more.)

What's your own favorite story of the year?

La la la la I'm totally cheating! I love my NYC!verse so Fleet Week Follies and Karaoke Curiosities. Horribly ruined by S3 canon (Blaine being a grade below Kurt now) but it's a love letter to my city and I really loved writing the interactions between everyone in that story. Rachel Berry was the first character I fell in love with on Glee and it was great writing her interacting with Kurt and Blaine. I really love writing Blaine+Santana scenes and Kurt's POV was a blast to write, as is any iteration of drunk/stoned Blaine.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Writing the POVs of homophobic characters in Where Are We Now terrified me. Not because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it well, after all, it's rather easy to tap into hateful things you've heard and witnessed and relate that to a focused story of nasty groupthink and bullying, but man, I was terrified that I was going to get some hate for that fic.

Post-Prom Queen, the hurt/comfort fics always focused solely on the Glee characters we knew so well and I was playing around with a couple of random glorified extras and original characters and building a bigger story that fucking hurt to write. And I got amazing feedback for it. So my lesson is that sometimes I need to trust that I can tell a story even if I'm unsure of the eventual reception. I mean, there were some fantastic fics written in reaction to Prom Queen. I'm still stunned that so many people enjoyed my fic.

From my past year of writing, what was...

My best story of this year:

Come Early and Come Often. A loving tale of Blaine's premature ejaculation "issues" and how Kurt does not give a fuck unless it interferes with his own orgasms. Man, Kurt's teenager-y POV was a joy to write, like, really: The days pass with some very sincere dates offering nothing beyond heated kissing. They’ve both earned gold medals in that category, hooray for them. Kurt has not even gotten to really make out with Blaine in forever. This is the worst thing ever.

So dramatic and so fucking fun, you guys.

I just think I did exactly what I set out to do, wrote a yay!sex story that didn't have a This Is the One True Way to Have Sex message.

Now if someone else was asked what my best story of the year is, I'm sure they'd have a very different answer.

My most popular story of this year:

Er, I think Fleet Week Follies got a great reception but the story that definitely got rec'd quite a bit and did well the moment I posted it was Cocksure, I got a lot of attention for that one and hey, it was my first NC-17 posted for Glee. God, I fucked waited FOREVER for canon details in order to post that story.

I WAITED FOR KURT AND BLAINE TO KISS. (The Dangers of Kissing became a cut scene from Cocksure since it was no longer canon as of "Original Songs").

I remember last minute editing out any references to Blaine's past sexual/boyfriend history since as far as I was concerned, "Silly Love Songs" pretty firmly established that Blaine was not experienced (if at all, lol proof that he's a virgin in S3, huzzah).

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

The Gender Performance Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Why doesn't everybody love crossdressing!Blaine as much as I do? *____* This was inspired by an awesome piece of fanart that still makes me all starry-eyed.

Most fun story to write:

Of Love and Time Travel. Because I was in a grumpy "I can't write anything good anymore" mood and this cheered me up the moment I thought of Brittany mistaking flux capacitors for flummoxed caterpillars.

The Return of Coach Roth wasn't quite as easy but it's still entertaining because I <3 Coach Roth and Dean wearing knee socks.

Story with the single sexiest moment:

brief moment from breathe you in deep:

Oh, what if Kurt told him what he likes, Blaine wonders on an uptwist, thumbing over the head of his cock. He’ll be so eager for it, wanting to get Kurt to solve the answer ahead of time, that’s cheating, so Blaine’s going to do something ridiculous like blurt out how he's been dreaming of Kurt's dick forever. Then he’ll sputter and say he didn't mean to say it (but he did) and what he meant was that Kurt is amazing and Blaine wants to touch every part of him that makes Kurt sing and ache and burn.

longer moment from Come Early and Come Often:

And it is good, and keeps on getting better when they finally figure out that hey, freeing Kurt from the confines of his underwear gives Blaine some room to maneuver. While it’s halting, Blaine obviously trying to figure out what works based off his own self-education (and porn, Kurt has a boyfriend who is basing his moves around porn), checking in with Kurt every moment. Is this okay? How does that feel? Um, what if I did this? Maybe I should get some lotion?

It takes a lot of love not to yell at Blaine for impeding his orgasm. Because he’s not close-close but he’s there, riding a very nice high, blatantly staring at Blaine’s face as Blaine jerks him off. His brows are knitted together and he’s openly panting like they’ve flipped positions and Kurt’s the one curling a fist tight around his dick. In fact, Blaine has this flushed, dazed look in his eyes, sort of like before when—oh, he’s almost there too.

Kurt cups Blaine over his jeans and Blaine almost bolts off of Kurt in shock. He’s too distracted to keep on touching Kurt and Blaine moans in defeat. “I’m sorry, Kurt.”

Okay, that right there? That is it.

Tackling someone while semi-naked and partially bound by jeans is extremely undignified, as is the yelp Blaine makes when Kurt rolls over Blaine, making quick work of undressing Blaine to at least a similar facsimile of Kurt’s own current style which is teenage boy in desperate need of getting off.

He doesn’t entirely know where it comes from—he’d prefer instinct but it’s probably some horrifying aspect of those damn pamphlets that made mention of lubrication so many times that Kurt had some difficulty moisturizing his face after reading them—he licks the palm of his hand before reaching down and taking a hold of their dicks together. Well, sort of, there’s a lot between the both of them and it’s more holding them together that he’s fascinated by. Blaine surges back to life, the shock finally leaving him, flexing upward and he’s making these high breathy moans, covering his face with his hands.

“No,” Kurt says, with great effort, because really, this is an incredibly precarious situation and god, he’s jerking off Blaine and himself and this is the best thing ever. “Please don’t hide from me. I want to see.”

Blaine snaps forward, grabbing the back of Kurt’s head to bring their mouths together. It’s not kissing, not at all, Blaine almost sobbing in relief as he comes over Kurt’s hand, his dick. As Kurt works him through it, Blaine’s right hand joins in on the fun and yes, there’s still fun to be had, specifically it’s Kurt turn, which is now their turn as Blaine strokes over the head as Kurt works the base of his dick in shorter, quicker strokes.

His mouth reflexively opens in a soundless gasp as he feels it finally hit, the quickening sensation of the world titling off-center as everything rushes forward. Kurt hopes he didn’t just knock his forehead against Blaine’s but he probably did since there’s a sharp smack of pain as he comes. He collapses on top of Blaine, forgetting to break his fall.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

Er, nothing I've posted this year! I'll sometimes come up with cracky ideas and post about them on Tumblr but nothing too out there. Like, I have a subby!Blaine fic posted in sentences through replies and reblogs on Tumblr but it does not exist as a proper fic and I guess it's wrong in that I don't usually write heavy D/s elements? Hmm. I haven't really done any dirtybadwrong stories though.

Apparently SPN only inspires such ideas since isn't that the point does have D/s stuff happening but it's super fucking angsty and shit.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

I try to be receptive to whatever canon gets thrown my way (and you have to do this in order to be fannish in Glee because dear lord, there is some fucking bullshit they try to pass off as coherent storytelling) but I think somewhere around writing breathe you in deep (spoilers leaked about Kurt/Blaine having sex in an upcoming episode), I found myself writing a Blaine that is so, so desperately in love with Kurt. That kind of surprised me because oh man, Blaine could very well fall the fuck apart if he and Kurt break up badly.

Hardest story to write:

World Conversationalists sucked because I had to revise so much of it. It was a very different animal when I started out writing that fic. It was reworked to death when I began it around late November/December 2010 and I had to keep editing it mercilessly in January until I was happy with it.

Biggest Disappointment:

mark him once for luck, twice forever. I still don't know what isn't quite right about that fic but it seems that no one really cared about it at all.

The fact that I written most of the way we get by and nearly lost the entire fucking thing until I found it in an email I sent to myself. In 2008. Well done.

That I could never finish writing that House!J2 AU Chasing Zebras. circling the drain is all that I managed to write before my inspiration died and I regret it because Jared meeting Jensen in New Orleans really is a great opening.

Biggest Surprise:

Rachel Berry’s Patented I’m Sorry Cookies (Patent Pending) is astoundingly popular on Archive of Our Own.

That I finished Boys Seldom Make Passes At Boys With Flat Asses: A Sex Seminar With Santana Lopez without having a nervous breakdown. It was a story written for a beyond_dapper fic exchange with a fabulous prompt and I was writing it for someone who I really like but I got tripped up over what things I wanted to do in the story. I had to reorder elements and man, I am so glad I didn't fuck that one up. I would've been seriously bummed.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:

Cocksure but probably not for reasons you'd ever guess. It's like a reminder of why sometimes I need a good swift kick in the ass care of a good beta because holy hell do I repeat phrases and words like crazy when writing pure PWP. It also confirmed to me that writing a flowing POV is how I need to roll. The pre-beta'd fic encapsulated the technical issues I have to deal when I set out to write porn, though the final story highlights what I can do well when I work at it.

I guess Blaine's drunken rant about sex in Karaoke Curiosities is connected to my own frustrations at how fandom stereotypes sexual relationships and how everything needs a definition (god I fucking hate top/bottom discussions, I just want to tell everyone to sit the fuck down and stop ordering fic writers to cater to their preferences, if it works in the story, it works, if it doesn't, then it fucking doesn't). However I'm poking fun at Blaine there what with him being totally drunk and all. Maybe what I'm saying is that I should write drunk. (No, that's a terrible idea.)

Most Satisfying to Write:

Grows Fonder. I liked writing about Kurt and Blaine dating while going to different schools. I also got to play with some of my favorite stylistic storytelling devices. I think the sex scene between them in the car worked well, which was great since I stalled so many times on that scene and wrote it so out of order. Having to go back and be like, "okay did I write an engaging handjob and finish it with an orgasm not full of clichés?" is pretty funny to me.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?

A story that actually has a proper title but I am calling it The Amazing Klaine in my head because it sounds funny and sort of like a magician at the same time. That's the big project and oh, I don't even want to think how long it'll be by the time it's complete. I hope I can FINISH it and send it off for the betas to help shape it into a Real Story.

Other stuff involves: Finishing that kinkmeme prompt I really wanted to write (sigh, I'll try poking at it later today, if i post it before the New Year then that'll be fucking golden).

Finishing off my Kurt/Blaine+Rachel series with another fic picking up where Karaoke Curiosities left Our Heroes. It's got some issues, namely that I still don't have a good working title and that it requires a lot of scene re-ordering and expansion to stuff, as well as ruminating over what the fuck I'm doing in the sex scenes. It's a very weird place where you're like, "wait, does Blaine want Kurt to spank him here or is this just leading to rimming?" The question needs an answer.

Maybe getting around to finishing that sequel to Cocksure as it languishes on my desktop with my fucking favorite title of all the fics I've titled this year. But that isn't as pressing as The Amazing Klaine, the kinkmeme fill, or the NYC 'verse stories.
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