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So Much, So Little Time

Today felt wasted. A Sunday where I lazed about.

And seeing the Farscape spoiler pictures is causing me to spaz out. Only a little.

I have a truly twisted plotbunny on my hands. Set directly after the AtS finale, and starring Faith. I think it's gonna end up Faith/Illyria, Angel/Spike. Because my plotbunnies are now rabid, crazy bunnies. Tentative title is "Go Out Swinging."

Hold me.

I'm scared.

And I think I'm gonna post in installments. Which never goes well. I'll see how it goes.

Watched the rest of the Tony awards, after watching The Sopranos.

Dude, I just want to *dance* with Hugh Jackman. Man, he was hilarious with SJP. "Oh, so Matt's bicoastal?" "Ever given Matt a lapdance?" "Oh, I know all about that sweetie" (Adjusts crotch after she tries to pull up her dress) HEE!

And SJP! "This is the wrong network." And then Hugh dances some more. And I die.

Love that man.

Glad he won the Tony.

I'm not sure how to express how I feel about Reagan. I was born in '83, and well, what I know about him is colored by his childhood. That being said, his admistration put forth troubling policies. So, not sure what to say.

And the anniversary of D-Day. I am amazed by the 'Greatest Generation' mostly because they weren't heroes because that's what they had to do, they were heroes because they were men and women who fought to protect their world, and in that, became heroes.
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