I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

I don't always get angry...

but when I do...wait a second, I totally do. Rage sleep and the zen mastery of fannish fffffffffffff are totally in my wheelhouse.

Every day I'm tumblin' and during an early morning look at my dashboard, someone related a story about the casting of a young!version of a Glee character and it made me happy/warm and y'all know that's a rare feeling 'round these parts. Then people got stupid and I tried bottling it up but welp that never works. Totally wrote a rant on Tumblr as one does. Glee stuff aka Blaine Anderson has to be white? Fuck you. A love story?

Spoiler alert: a pillow falls in love with my fist as I punch it during rage sleep.

Other than getting my rant on, I've been keeping up with Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Both are joyous shows about happy things and everyone eating a big bowl of ice cream! My stars, sometimes I think, can't we have something awkward or horrible happen? It's not all pony rides and picnics, you know.

Maybe I should stop watching those shows via the alternate vortex in my room. Oops.

Today was hot, there was no air conditioning in my office, and tomorrow is going to be just as crazy busy as it was today. That being said, my job is a good job.

I love everyone who answered my poll yesterday. But especially those who selected dislike.

Hope you disliked this post too!
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