I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

later I will be wearing hockey pants.

It's Thorsday!

Which means today I shall see The Dark Knight Returns Rises naturally!

Actually yesterday was totally Thorsday. I work on the top floor of an office building so when the storm kicked up in the afternoon and it started hailing it was pretty nightmarish. I was worried that our windows were going to get busted in. I am about ten feet away from giant panes of glass. >.>

But! Despite the fact that I left my umbrella at home (for lo, I wear the smartest of pants), I managed to run to my subway stop without getting completely soaked. Then I almost walked back out of the subway because it was like walking into rank, hot soup, OH MY GOD, it was seriously disgusting.

So grateful that the weather this morning was so much more bearable.

Just a few hours away from seeing TDKR and I hope that I manage to make it unscatheed from major spoilers (I don't want to know if Batman's parents are dead, okay?). I also hope I stay awake during the movie but that's kind of a tall order. I might fall asleep over at fourfreedoms and sleep in the car, and on the line to the movie, and somehow wake up in time for it to start. Staying up late at night is where I am NOT a Viking.

The Emmy nominations continue to be a mix of huzzah and loud boos. American Horror Story deserves NOTHING except for noms for Jessican Lange and Connie Britton. And they get it more in the "wow you guys elevated really shit material" way of actors surviving terrible, terrible TV. The AV club reviews of AHS will tell you all you need to know about that bullshit show. Ugh.

(I am sort of sad that Matt Bomer didn't get nominated for his turn on Glee. He actually did something revolutionary on S3 of Glee, he decided to act like he was on a comedy and be funny. Mindblowing, I know. I think Dot Marie-Jones is an utter sweetheart but it's kind of messed up that she's getting nominated for her dramatic work on a comedy series - and it was PSA "message" type drama as well. I tend to feel this way whenever dramedy-type actors get nominations for comedy work, though, so.)

I'm allowed to flip pools when Amy Poehler inevitably loses to Zooey Fucking Deschanel for Best Actress. SO MANY POOLS FLIPPED. SO MANY FUN TIMES IN THE SUN DENIED.

I shall root for Peter Dinklage to pick up his Emmy for Game of Thrones despite the fact that Jared Harris was brutally fantastic in Mad Men, but man, Peter Dinklage is amazing on GOT and the Rise and Fall of Tyrion Lannister was an awesome arc for PD to play this season.

Every time Parks and Recreation doesn't get nominated for Best Comedy series, someone drops a delicious pie on the ground, stomps on it, and then feeds it to orphans.
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