I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

points of interest

- I have feedback to answer! That I will probably not be able to do for a bit as I'm about to pass out and sleep for a Damn Good Long While.

- Nearly had a meltdown driving this morning. After picking up groceries (fyi Trader Joe's gluten free cookies are made of angel crack powder goodness), I was heading home when I see that the major road that I need to drive over is blocked off. I think at first it's just that intersection (there are cops around, so hmm, maybe an accident?) so I drive east for a bit to go down the other road (again crossing that damn road). Only to find out that nope, I need to go back up NORTH and take a parkway in order to get to my mom's house WHICH IS TWO MINUTES AWAY from where I was at that point, as I was talking to the cop. Oh. My fucking. God. Why? "There's a car show." I hate everything. Other problem? The parkway I had to take? HAS AN EXIT ON THE GODDAMN BLOCKED OFF ROAD. THAT'S HOW I GET HOME. I LIVE OVER THE ROAD. WHY. I managed to get home, but what takes me 10+ minutes, took me a half hour. RIDICULOUS.

- Sure, you can criticize Once Upon a Time but hey, it makes me ridiculously happy and the S2 premiere served me all the good things I expect. :D

- Tomorrow I will see Looper and if someone manages to spoil me before that, I will break their knees and their children's children's knees.
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