I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

A Year in Review.

My year in review, fic edition. Although I guess I did have a couple of personal big changes in my life, the major one being I starting working a new place, for a company I've really grown to enjoy, despite having to be a party pooper unable to go to all the cool activities arranged for the holidays (partially because I got so incredibly sick a couple of weeks ago the likes of which I hope I never experience again).

So here's a list of fic what I wrote. All glee things, naturally, becaues those are the stories my brain has wanted me to tell. I think I'll try branching out in 2013 if inspiration strikes.

but the radiator's so delightful">. A ficlet written in my NYC!verse, Kurt/Blaine & Rachel friendship.

Freak in the Evening. Another fic set in my NYC!verse, Kurt/Blaine, Santana POV drunken sex shenanigans. The last thing I finished in the NYC!verse. Still sad I never managed to get the chronological 3rd part of the series completed, forever languishing as a WIP.

Sat In Your Lap. Kurt/Blaine futurefic, mostly written for a joke about a promiscuous lap.


Come Downs and Let Downs. Kurt/Blaine & Finn canonical S3 fic that I honestly never REMEMBER I wrote and then I'm like, oh man, I've used that title before, what fic was it for? This one.


Househusbandry & You. Kurt/Blaine futurefic domesticity kink. Honestly I think I wrote most of the househusband fics because some fans got so butthurt at the implication that Blaine might be cool with being the adoring househusband and apparently that's a bad thing so...I wrote 3 fics based on the premise of Blaine staying at home. Take that, jerkwards.

the one where blaine's a househusband in medieval times, Kurt/Blaine AU. Well I sort of wrote this one to see if I could do the style and I was...well I tried.

Dessert Would Look Good On You. Kurt/Blaine futurefic domestic porn. Written for Jesus.

the sequel where kurt claims blaine in front of his tribe. Does what it says on the tin.


I do not know what I did this month. Posting fic apparently was not a part of it.


pillow talk. Kurt/Blaine, canonical S3. This wound up being my most popular fic I ever posted to tumblr. I don't even know. I guess it struck a chord.

tire swings. Sam/Mercedes, canonical. I'm still annoyed at how the show fucked up this adorable couple by just...pushing them to the side like they never existed despite Sam trying to get Mercedes back being part of his S3 storyline.

You Go To My Head. Kurt/Blaine & Rachel futurefic. Filling a prompt that I loved a lot and it took me forever to finish, wish I had finished it off sooner.

3 assorted prompts, one with Batman. Kurt/Blaine.

life tearing at the seams. Kurt/Blaine AU, using the "skank!Kurt" trope which I severely disliked so naturally I became obsessed with figuring out how to make it compelling and not just "zomg Kurt has tattos and piercings, what a bad boy!" So I wrote this story and then got a lot of people asking about a possible sequel and I made myself sad because Blaine's backstory would mean he would be super fucked up and that it would lead to drama and well, I like this story all by itself. It burned through me in pretty much one day, which is rare but when it happens, I just have to let it happen and miracle of miracles, have it wind up becoming a decent story.


A Fairy Deconstruction Tale Pretentious stylistic bullshit. Totally enjoyed writing it.


Song As Old As Rhyme - Part 1 & Part 2</>. Beauty & the Beat AU/retelling. This was a challenge to myself and I'm glad I finished it. I really loved getting into the fairy tale language and reconfiguring parts of the Disney Beauty & the Beast while picking out favorite moments from older versions of the tale PLUS making up stuff along the way. Cooper in this story was fun to write.


Song as Old as Rhyme - Part 3

You're a Satellite Around My Heart Kurt/Blaine future fic. This was posted over the summer as part of an endgame fest, so my name wasn't revealed until September. I'm proud of this story, despite the fact that I dropped out of the challenge at least two times because it just would not write itself and thanks to an extension and some amazing cheerleading, I was able to finish the story and I was pretty happy with it and my take on the prompt.


The Amazing Cooper Anderson. Kurt/Blaine, Cooper/Others, Cooper/Rachel. A riff on my idea of an AU where Kurt & Blaine go on the Amazing Race - this is Cooper's career taking off after he wins the Amazing Race.


a dream before waking. Glee/Once Upon a Time AU Kurt/Blaine. Sometimes I write things to people in emails and never finish them. This story was able to sort of be finished, crossover'd with a TV show I'm really enjoying and plan not to engage with the actual fandom as the show's my happy place where I turn off my brain.


The untitled AU versa. WIP as I'm posting it in several parts, links to latest part posted today with links to previous parts. I think I do have a title for this but I can't tell if it's dumb or not. This is just, idk, it's supposed to be happy and light and the premise is Kurt and Blaine having never met until Kurt meets Blaine while he's at Dalton and Kurt's...visiting from NYC where he goes to NYADA. It's an excuse to write happy scenes, and I've got a couple of more parts plotted out so hopefully I'll still be inspired in the new year.
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