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Whoops let my extra userpics expire, better fill that up next chance I get.


So while I have not been posting to lj, I have been doing things and the like. I continue to enjoy the job that I do, I’m going to Disney World in a month (!!!), and while I am still in fannish things, I’m at the ebb and flow part where I have no idea where the fannish interests will take me, technically I am in a fandom because I still care about dumb things but the end is near and I feel the urge to find a new shiny thing.

I'm listening to Welcome to Night Vale. Actually I’ve found out it’s pretty neat (neat!) as a soundtrack while I’m working out and absolutely perfect for train commutes (an episode last almost as long as my morning and afternoon rides back to my apartment).

(Now if only Tumblr would stop fucking liveblogging when the eps are released so I can listen to the new episodes on the goddamn morning train ride without being spoiled.)

Tumblr is the worst but also a thing full of stuff I enjoy and good for the mutli-fannish heart. But oh, it sucks not to live-watch TV and to use tumblr WITHOUT employing a blacklist (yet I am a freak who doesn't blacklist things!), to the point where getting up at 5am to watch some stuff on Hulu seems reasonable as I won’t make it through a full day of work without getting massively spoiled.

Yep I am totally watching things! I fell in love with Elementary last Spring (I had watched the leaked pilot but wanted to “save” the series when it had built up some eps, lol good job me) and I’m really enjoying S2 as well.

I’m a bit tepid on Agents of SHIELD but they’ve got my attention for the time being. They desperately need to get some more dynamic characters to play off Couslon. (coughkillWardcough) I like Agent May A LOT. I’m holding out hope that Skye gets more interesting, although her line readings remind me of Linkara's Frank Miller Time reviews, where he starts reading bad Frank Miller comics and speaking in the over-emphasized BOLD wording Miller employs—that’s often how Skye’s line readings comes across. You’re putting the wrong emPHASis on the wrong syllABle.

Oh, Once Upon a Time is totally redeeming their bungled second season so far! I'm very please. Haven't seen the spinoff yet. My mom and sister are super into Once Upon a Time and my mom actually saw the spinoff last week and informed me that she hated it, heh, so I think I'll wait a bit before checking it out?

(Too much TV! I'm behind on Top Chef and Project Runway, my go-to reality tv show favorites.)

Also also ALSO I saw the first 3 eps of Sleepy Hollow and it's so dumb and great. I joked that Sleepy Hollow + Hannibal + Elementary is the opposite of the obnoxious superwholock phenomenon but um, it kinda feels that way? It's fun and I'm hopeful they whip out a good "according to the lore" moment.

What TV shows are you guys watching? How is everyone?
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