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I was a taller girl too, once.

reg lives and watches things

Gosh I go away for a short while and the lj update page gets extra hiddy.

Anyways I'm alive. I've been too busy (and far too drained) to really be much of an active presence anywhere, save for my twitter, since I can do that easier on my phone. But I tend to keep that locked down since I post about RL stuff and I continue to be a fandom dinosaur regarding privacy.

I have been doing stuff tho! Like, life things, I guess. Nothing particularly noteworthy, some family stuff, trying to be more social, that sort of thing. I saw Hedwig while it was in previews last April, which was AMAZING. I got to see the Welcome to Night Vale anniversary show earlier this month, obviously a very different energy. It's pretty hilarious how Dylan Marron became such a fan favorite, I swear he sometimes got louder applause than Cecil Baldwin. Adorable is the secret to success! (Great hair also helps.)

I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier about 3 times in the theater and came out of the movie happy that I wasted my youth watching so many terrible Chris Evans movies, because wow, what a great payoff.

(Although we need a naked side-butt shot of Evans in the Avengers 2 or Cap 3 to make me forgive the terri-bad special effects of Push.)

I mostly came of Cap 2 completely in love with Anthony Mackie and wanting Sam Wilson in every MCU movie ever. I'm preeeeetty sure everyone's seen his interview with Jimmy Fallon during the Cap 2 press tour during the movie's opening week, but if you haven't, your life is quite incomplete.

Speaking of the MCU, I think I'll give SHIELD another shot at some point this summer, I do know things get crazier towards the end of the season. I'm more excited about the Agent Carter series. The short film about Peggy Carter was super enjoyable and hopefully the show will have a decent budget to recreate post-WWII times without it looking appallingly cheap.

Orange is the New Black Season 2 is my everything. They course-corrected nicely regarding Piper's erm, Piper-ness, and while I wasn't one who DISLIKED her, I thought she was a lot more interesting in S2. I loved the new characters (yes, even Brooke!) and was glad that they spent time developing other characters, even the super dislikable ones. Except for, you know, ugh Larry, Lord of Rancid Mayo. God, I hope he leaves next season. I can't stand Jason Biggs either, almost every other actor outpaces him.

ALSO I am now (finally!) watching Orphan Black. I've heard so many good things but I was super lazy about watching the show; if it's not on Netflix I don't know what to do in this post-megaupload internet nightmare when it comes to catching up on TV shows. However, my mom's cable has on-demand and both seasons of OB are available to watch and since I'm house-sitting until Thursday morning, I'm marathoning the season like a mofo!

I've reached ep 5 of the second season and here are my thoughts!

Sarah is my ultimate favorite, but Alison is my other favorite. Tatiana Maslany's performances (so far) are fuckin' incredible.

I'm actually kind of "eh" on Cosima. Been watching the show with my sister and she adores Cosima, but I haven't been as enchanted by her. Really I thought I'd like her more. She kind of makes dumb mistakes that I don't sympathize with all that much.

Alison is such an intense character and I think the show developed her a lot more, and maybe it also doesn't help that I don't really like Cosima's romance with Delphine. (That weird moment where she implies she knew Delphine was connected to the Neolutionists but decided to pursue a relationship with her anyway was DUMB since um, if you did suspect she was shady, WHY did you leave her alone in your apartment when you had all that sensitive info around for a snooppy-mcsnooperson to undercover? Why WRITE OUT Kira's name on a piece of paper to show she's the offspring of a clone when their infertility is clearly a huge fuckin' deal?) Perhaps I'll change my mind by the end of the season!

Big Dick Paul is the worst actor on the show, tbh. This is awkward since he gets some great bits to play with but so far has only been decent as "appear vaguely menacing." Like I should be feeling a mixture of emotions of what's going on with him and Rachel, instead I'm really sad that Helena wasn't able to off Paul when she had the chance.

(Also the fact that the only thing that's being held over his head is a event where there was friendly fire during a war--where he was working an as independent contractor--was a lame reason for why he's still involved with the DYAD people. Um, he wasn't a part of an official military, pretty sure he can't be prosecuted for that shit, tho I'm not sure if he's supposed to be Canadian or American.)

Felix is a really awesome character and I live for his agony in the suburbs because it is so hilarious watching him be around those nosy uptight folks. (Sorry, Felix.) He'd be stealing the show if the lead actress wasn't so crazy amazing.

I'm concerned that I like Cal so far (even though he is so very hipster oh my god) because I'm worried Kira's bio-dad HAS to be harboring terrible secrets because Sarah can't catch a friggin' break. Erm, please don't vaguely suggest either way. I hope to get through about 3 more eps tonight and would like to be unspoiled for whatever plot twists happen.

For example, I knew that Helena and Sarah were twins and that Helena had the rare "mirror twin" syndrome, which meant that she wasn't going to die and would be in S2, but I had NO IDEA that Kira would be hit by a car (and that we would find out that she seems to have some freaky healing abilities). Or who had kidnapped her at the end of S1/the backstory of Mrs. S. (Tho it looks like we're gonna get more of that since so far it seems like there's a LOT happening with Mrs. S.)

So like, I know vague things thanks to tumblr gifs/conversations but I don't know blow-by-blow accounts. I do know that there will be a boy-clone of Sarah at some point but I don't know how or why it happens. Being only vaguely unspoiled in this day and age is a miracle, y'all.

Also I'm watching Penny Dreadful (as in, I'm only one ep behind) and I still don't know how I feel about the show. I can't quite recommend it but I don't know if I hate it yet either. I'm annoyed that I wasn't informed Billie Piper was in it! That's like the fastest way for me to give something a try! Saying "there is dude-on-dude" isn't the way to my heart, shockingly enough. Eva Green is quite good but then there's the rest of it.
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