I was a taller girl too, once. (regala_electra) wrote,
I was a taller girl too, once.

i named you after the bravest man i ever knew. i gave you no name. men are weak.

If you want to know how bad the "red pill"/MRA bullshit has gotten, I just saw Spoony defend Anita Sarkeesian and tweet positively in favor of SJW (Social Justice Warriors).

Spoony! Who has said super misogynistic shit, though I believe he apologized for some of it, but man, maybe the reason the gamer community is behaving like utter shitbags is because they know their Age of Douchebaggery is collapsing.

Personally I've always seen Social Justice Warrior used as a pejorative term in a female-oriented fandom spaces, mainly referring to those fans that specifically use Social Justice language as a way to "win" arguments with other fans.

So like, as far as my stance on fandom and Social Justice, it DOES have a necessary place insofar as criticism and personal reactions to the media we all consume. I want to encourage people to enjoy their fandom things and also be critical (when needed) and see those conversations flourish.

But my personal understanding of Social Justice Warriors was that it meant a corrupted group (who often have formerly badly behaving fans AKA wankers in their midst) using Social Justice terms to shame people they don't like. (I've seen an awful lot of bullies and doxxers take up with Social Justice causes.)

But now that the term SJW is becoming mainstream and thanks to the MRA bullshit, what with their lovely stalking and death threats, it looks like Social Justice Warrior is now evolving as a positive stance to take. Which I'm not like, against, words do change, and hell it's better to see people going "hey no, our community has problems, and it is disgusting to attack a woman for having an opinion."

I'm more a bystander as far as things go, especially as of late. I'm too tired to fandom properly. But it is shocking/refreshing to see people go, "hey wait, this thing that has always been a little fucking weird is maybe not good at all and maybe we should thing about fixing it." I don't know what SHOULD be done, after all I'm just a cranky fanperson, but hey, I'm all for making men grow the fuck up as far as their treatment of women.

I have no good conclusion to make. This is an evolving situation. But at least it's kinda refreshing to see someone actually say to an asshole, "you're an asshole and your conversation is pointless" when they're trying to explain away their raging misogyny.
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