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Sorta optimistic

You know what's great? When you realize that you have totally given yourself room for several neat twists in a fic.

I secretly hope nobody noticed them yet, because oh, something really, really fun is starting to form.

[Smiles at Go Out Swinging]

I love writing this. I honestly do. I'm hoping that I can e-mail jennem the next part tonight, but it all depends on several factors. So yeah, stay tuned.

And I haven't forgotten all the other things I swore I'd be writing. I think if I write up to part 5 this weekend, I might sneak some time for other fics and not feel guilty.

I continue to get more and more excited about WriterCon. I've been asked to participate on the Crossover Panel (squee!) and yeah, I can't wait. Of course, I probably will forget to that whole 'speaking' thing. Or show up in a giant smiley-face costume.

Wait, didn't I have optimism a moment ago? Oh yes. Faith/Illyria.

"You are all humanity, all feelings and uncontrollable emotions - how do you stand it?"

A slow smile spreads across Faith's face. She presses her lips together just for a moment. "I build model airplanes and plant trees. And have lots and lots of sex."

Ahh. That's far too fun to write.
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