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Don't know why...

Why is it that when I'm home, comfy, and relaxed, that I have no desire to post?

So, the weekend. Did nothing. Worked. Figured some stuff out. Decided The Guy I Like is better left off as a friend, and that that's a good thing. Especially since his girlfriend would object to me hitting on him. ;-) Pfft...like I'm capable of doing that. My mad skillz when it comes to dating are pretty much null and void.

Today has cheered me up slightly. Because of the weight I've lost (and still losing), I can fit into a pair of medium sized pants. I haven't fit into a medium since I was...I don't even remember. Albeit, it was a Tall medium, but being nearly six foot tall, that's sort of needed, my legs are long.

It only took twenty years, but I'm finally understand this whole shopping thing. When I was younger, I hated it. And now? I'm becoming addicted.

I also got the lovely gatorjen her b-day prezzie. And I'm working on a fic idea for Farscape, as a sort of fandom present. I'm sure the fic will suck, but that's okay, as it's all for her.

(therefore, I can blame her if it's bad. Heh, just kidding, Jen. Honest.)

Now I just have to figure out what I'm getting jennem and nariya. And my sisters. Well, I already have a book I'm giving to my sister for her 16th b-day, a fancy bound book of Grimm's fairytales (so lovely as they're quite violent, she doesn't like to read unless the stories are scary and suspenseful). ALthough she's already seen the present (looked in my shopping bag), she likes it and that's all the counts. Usually I suck at picking out presents.

I have a lotttt of reading tonight. And rewriting an essay (for Shakespeare) as I've decided my concept is good, but it needs to be sharped defined. And I have a better angle planned, one that I only mention in passing in the original draft.

Random Simpson's Quote: Not the Church! That's where Jesus lives!
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