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Gonna keep on posting...

Took me over an hour to get home, but it was worth it. Because the spanish music stations actually played music. Heck, I even sorta liked Ahora Quien by Marc Antony (oh how I cackle and groan at the Anthony/J.Lo marriage, and 'specially his truly shady divorce).

Good job, radio stations!

I've been going through my books and I have a few that would not be amiss at a new home. So if anyone wants 'em, they're free. You can e-mail me at regala_electra@yahoo.com if you'd like any of these titles:

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman

How to Be Good by Nick Hornby

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King

American Gods by Neil Gaiman - notice: this copy, is, how should I say? Very used. It's not ripped, but it has a lot of wear, thanks to my dad, who borrowed it and kept it in his toolbox. Yeah. The story has a happy ending though. He later bought me a new copy when I went to the Gaiman book signing last summer. So I have a sexy, signed copy now. *g*

By this list, my reading habits do not at all match up to what I'm usually reading. I read a lot of stuff before the 1800s (*hugs Shakespeare*) and I'm terribly behind in 'modern' novels. I blame that on James Joyce.

Hell, let me blame me not finishing the next part of Go Out Swinging on Joyce. Frelling A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
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