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ramble, an act of rambling

Well, livejournal's getting its hate on me. Taking forever to load.

So, stuff happening. Typed up a long, vaguely wanky post about the 'old days' of fandom and the like. Not sure that I'll post it.

The fic's actually looking good. Finally. I swear, I put myself in death traps whenever I have an Important Scene with Angel in it. Because of course I get blocked and you can only have Faith smoke so much before she hacks out her lungs.

But I've written a nice bit and I'm feeling much better about it and yeah, so that's that.

And work? Yeah, it's a bit wanky at work. A paralegal's given the two weeks notice and a lot of drama is being spread around the office and it's the best of places to be.

But I get paid tomorrow! That's always good news.

Because I have to pay my car insurance. *Sigh* Welcome again to the days of being cash-strapped. Er, even more so, that is.

ETA: I got 'its' 'it's' wrong! My god, I'm going to bed.
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