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So where I have I been?

I've been around. I was sorta waiting for nariya to do one of her fab posts about our visits (yay! I got to hang with Nar!) as I tend to be rambly and suck at recapping things.

So. 4th of July. Nar!visit. Yay!

The end.

Okay, actually, Nar came in and I cooked and we hung out and watched some of Angels in America (mmmm...pretty Justin Kirk) and made plans to hang next weekend. Which means I'm kidnapping her. Or Nar!napping. Heh.

We also went down to see the fireworks and as there is no way in hell that I was going anywhere near the insanity that is Jones Beach, we went to Wantagh Bay to watch the fireworks. Which lasted a damn long time. And sadly, they had the freaky smiley face fireworks, to Nar's disappointment. But there were a lot of big 'splosions (...like Farscape!) and since, you know, it's not illegal or anything for residents to light off fireworks in NY, plenty of people shot off fireworks all night long.

Oh, and like two of them? Nearly hit my car. Fun!

After the second one, I told Nar we better get the hell out of there. You do not want to tempt Fate. Fate's a cruel, cruel bitch, yo.

But I love hanging with Nar. She is so cool. My writing is reverting back to third grade. Nar is nice. She is pretty. She is fun. I like to hang out with her.

Nar also got to meet the family puppy, a Yorkshire Terrier named Valentino ('Tino for short of course). He was adorable as always and he fell asleep on Nar, probably endearing himself forever to Nar. Because he's a little baby that needs love like we need oxygen.

And we spoke to gatorjen, who insulted 'my people' (Puerto Ricans), deeply hurt me, and is evolllllllll. I may be lying just a tad. ;-)

Jen dammit, Sirius/Remus is the OTP, baby! [/crazy shipperness]

So yay for the 4th of July.

And tonight is The Amazing Race and Nip/Tuck!

*is full of love even though I have a major headache*
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