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Wherein I don't quite know what to say

Great, great time last night. Seeing alleynyc perform was amazing. She has a kick-ass voice and the band sounded great.

Met a2zmom and she is a great, funny woman. Also met up with stephanierb and mshepnj after Alley's set (did I mention the ass and the kicking that occuring? Because I loved it) and they're all very cool chicas. nariya is as always a delight. Or maybe she isn't. ;-)

And I'm totally going to steal her one of these days. And her chocolate candles.

Oh, and I didn't get lost! I am so proud of myself. I know for some people walking around and not getting lost isn't something to be proud of, however I am a complete and utter idiot when it comes to having a sense of direction.

I reread most of The Great Gatsby while on the train, and I forgot how much of it I loved. Just so, so fantastic. I read it in high school and I was one of the few that adored the book. There are so many beautiful passages. And the characters are complex and interesting, even when I want to smack them upside the head.

Will be tackling Yeats this weekend, along with a few other books I picked up at the library. I am also really, really pissed that the only copy of Lolita at my COLLEGE library was marked up AND it was a version that 'cleaned up' some of the book and added tons of notes (end notes, which I hate) because people are stupid. Grr. I'm being cheap, because I don't want to buy a copy, but I do want to read it as I've read very few 20th century 'classics.'
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