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Somebody saaaaaaaave me

So last night, faith_girl222 makes fan art for Go Out Swinging (which I'd totally show you, but I'm at work right now, so I don't have a link) and I was all, "Cool! I really should get the next chapter out and it's gonna be awesome!" And her picture was all inspiring and cool and then...

I stupidly clicked on my Buffy/Wes story and went, "Ooooh..." and the plotbunny waved back at me and it was very shiny. So I typed a little and reworked the totally twisted twistyness.

And then? Then the worst happened.

I wasn't doing anything wrong. I swear.

But a plotbunny came and bopped me on the head.

Because, a lot of S/R fic deals with the first kiss or the first time and what if it was the second kiss for them?

Because they couldn't remember who started the first one.

And what if it became the Great Battle for the Second Kiss and I used Olde English in my summary and Remus is confused and Sirius isn't being an ass and what if that terrifies Remus even more than if Sirius had hexed Snape into singing showtunes anytime he tried to talk and omgwibbleitwouldbesocuteandfunny

And p0rn, yo.

So yeah, brain melted. About to write more HP fic.

Send help. Or chocolate. Or porn.

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