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Hi everyone, guess what? My sister's an asshole!

Yeah, my sister's an A-S-S-H-O-L-E.

Krystyna (because I'm throwing a fucking FIT right now and fuck her, there's no cutesy 'K') has totally, totally fucked up my hair.

See, she's going to school for cosmetology and my mom was crowing about how wonderful she is at cutting hair and oh, I should totally get her to cut my hair because she's the bestest.

Well, on Saturday, she offered and I told her just a little - less than two inches.

She cut off a bit more than that. And she cut an additional 1/2 off on my right side, so my hair was lopsidded.

I was fucking pissed. So she tells me I can either get it cut shorter or I can get it angled. I ask her repeatedly if she knows how to do that, just a little to even the sides. She says yes.

I finally get home from work today. I got my paycheck, but the bank was closed and I'm in a sour mood.

So she goes, I'll finish it. Fine. Fine. It'll be at least balanced.

She doesn't wet my hair. I ask her if that's even possible to cut hair w/o wetting it. She says it's fine.

She starts doing it. I tell her she's cutting off a lot more than she should.

Krystyna finishes. I look into a mirror.


It's choppy and horrible and way too short in the front, and uneven and a fucking mess.

In order to repair the damage, I'm going to have to get it cut shorter than shoulder-length and it'll take two months to repair all that I lost.

If I don't get it PROFESSIONALLY cut, I have to wear my hair up in a ponytail the entire time I'm at WriterCon. I feel like crying. She's such a fucking asshole.

And when my mom saw what she had done, she agreed: it's horrible.

But then chided me for being pissed because I should kiss my sister's ass for destroying my hair.

Now, my sis works at a salon. So, she should offer to have someone there fix my hair right?

Nope. My mom called her on her cell (after she destroyed my hair, she went out with her boyfriend), and she said, "Oh...no. Not unless [I] take off work on Wed. to get it fixed."


So. I have to go get it cut much shorter than I've ever wanted. Now, for some people, this isn't a big deal. For me it is. The shortest I've ever had my hair is shoulder-length and that was because of a botched up job. I cried for three hours when I saw what that person did to my hair. I take my hair pretty seriously. I hate a lot of things about myself. My hair is one of the few things I like. And I keep it simple: long. That's it. Long and even.


She's dead. I'm either taking a fucking scissor to her hair tonight or I'm beating her to fucking death.

I am so fucking angry right now.

I really don't want to go to WriterCon. Like, I almost want to cancel my tickets angry.

I'm so miserable right now.
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