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Notice from Management

Away on vacation from Thursday, July 29 to August 2. Going to writercon.

Okay, I'm totally unprepared. I'm gonna pass out. I'm a geek. No one's gonna want to hang out with me. It's all going to end up like Carrie. (Without the revenge, just the mocking and the laughing.)

Deep breaths. Okay. Oh my god.

So, obviously, I'm going to be away. Hopefully everyone will behave.

I'm so stressed and scared and freaking out at this moment that I'm not being sarcastic.

I think I'm forgetting to bring stuff. I'm gonna be on a panel. Who the hell wants to hear me?

But I always panic before trips. But oh my god.

This is my first time to Vegas. Leaving noonish tomorrow.

I should be excited. But I can't be.

I'm freaking out.
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