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WriterCon Wrap up Ramblings

My brain is fried.

That's all I have to say. Vegas was both interesting and fucking hot. And scary. So yeah, don't ever need to go there again. WriterCon was fab and it was great meeting people, as I am not as much of a people-person as I should be. Any pretense of innocence I had left is now gone. I think I horrified some people and annoyed others. I only tripped once.

I got strange looks for saying that I write B/A. And then I usually had to explain that I'm all into the slash and UC pairings now. Oh yeah.

I enjoyed talking to people I've never known before and meeting those who I have known for a long time but never really met them in person.

I took tons of pictures. The downloading of them to the computer will probably take forever.

My brain is still fried.

I got royally fucked over at the airport when I was leaving. My flight was delayed two hours (and I found this out at midnight, basically thirty minutes before my flight was going to leave) and then another hour when we were all on the plane while they checked their equipment so the plane could take off. The evil flight attendant wouldn't give me a blanket, even though everyone else got one. I froze to death. I barely got any sleep.

I went to work somehow and it turns out, I wasn't needed. I could have stayed home.

I took off today because I still felt like crap. I'm feeling slightly better now at least.

I only partly believe that Vegas wasn't just a dream.

Hopefully I will post something that makes sense.
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