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I hates me brain

Oh, why oh why do the plotbunnies attack me at night?

Last night, I was minding my own business, getting ready for bed, when a story idea tackled me down the stairs and proceeded to taunt me as I showered.

"Oh, you know you want to write me, I'm ever so deep and messed up and dark. Look, I have scars and tattoos and broken memories and did I mention the porn? Because that's there too, along with the pain. You know you want to write me."

Avast, I say (as I still have a hook for a hand and a desire for golden treasure and mmmm...rum), be gone with thee to very bottom of Davy Jones' locker!

Oh, but it mocked me. And though I was half-asleep, though I really needed to get to fucking bed, I started writing (by hand and I have crappy handwriting, especially as I have a hook).

Yes, so Sirius/Remus porn is on the way. Will write it and finish it tonight. I'll probably need a beta.

Damn you, plotbunnies. I lost sleep and got into work late because of you.

Stupid sexy plotbunnies.

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