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Books and Shoeboxes!

I can't stop smiling. It's because of the shoebox_project, it is.

Although I'm dying for TEH SMUT, as it's known in other parts. Gaaaaah.

It's just written so fucking fabulously. The characters are exactly how I've pictured them at this age. And Sirius in nothing but a leaf? A PICTURE OF THAT?

I don't want to be fired. But I actually said "Gah" outloud.

And promptly felt pervy.

Yes, so I'm totally addicted. I want it be next Thursday, but I also want to reread it when I get home. Because AHHHHHHH. The last paragraphs. Be still my slashing heart.

In proper reading news, I've chucked aside The Moonstone for the moment so that I may read Forever by Peter Hamill. The writing's good, the story's er, a little convoluted, but the history of New York's really neat. I do did historical fiction, even though I don't read it much.

And I now proudly own the graphic novel From Hell. Ordered it off of Amazon, and I got it and the above-referenced book yesterday.

The shoebox_project is much more exciting for me. Because I'm a total dork.
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