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The Future is Ours, quick HP drabble

The Future is Ours
Author: Regala Electra
E-mail: regala_electra@yahoo.com
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In it, they are young.
Timeline: Set before PoA


In it, they are young. They look ahead because they do not see insidious smoke rising out of the ground, a skull with a snake twinning through the emptiness. There are no limits in it save the very corners and they do not see them. No borders are known and there is a sense of freedom, the sharp fear and wonder of it all is so clear in their bright faces.

His hair is mused and he is smiling and it is hesitant, almost forced, but not in his eyes. He has a scar still healing across his face and he knows it pulls and tenses with every movement, so his smile is controlled and even.

And then his arm swings over Remus' shoulders, a brilliant smile not yellowed in madness. His eyebrows waggle, but he is so handsome, so damned perfect that it doesn't look ridiculous and strained, and Remus sighs a little as his smile fades, pushing strands of loose hair out of his eyes.

There is a grey hair, nearly invisible and the first of many.

Sirius looks at Remus as though he is about to say something, and it was then that the camera flashed, he knows it. A whirl and flash of light and neither he or Sirius had anything to say, beyond quiet promises of what lay ahead.

He waits. He is always waiting. And then, the move apart, just enough, and Sirius turns to face him, the real him, as though to protest.

But he can't make a sound and as the picture is torn in half, Sirius stays to his side and Remus to his. It is as if they had never been shot together and though Sirius frowns as if to ask where Remus is, he soon returns to mugging. If Remus had ever smiled, it is not apparent in the steady, calm gaze of his younger self.

Remus considers giving it to Hagrid for his collection for the child (Harry), an image of Sirius when he was young. When he hadn't - but damn it all - he had betrayed them all and why?

Sirius is almost immortal here.

He takes out his wand slowly, tapping it against the image of Sirius’ younger self, and murmurs, “incendio.”

The End.
Tags: drabble, fic, hp fic, remus/sirus
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