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Oh. Well that certainly brightens up my day.



Mother of hell.

I just got back my paper for my stupid "Writing about Society" class. I got a "C." A C! I've never gotten a C in like, three years. This is ridiculous. How is it that I'm a sophomore taking a difficult seminar course (which I basically had to audition to get into, because I wasn't an upperclassman) and I get an A on that (incredibly difficult and complex) paper, yet in this fucking class, writing a stupid paper about a love song (I shit you not), I get a C and he tells me that my paper sucked.

It's pissing me off to no end now. I know I'm a good writer: I haven't been told to fix my responses (than aren't handed in and graded), he doesn't give me criticism that my ideas are bad, and I even discussed my ideas on this paper with him. We're able to do rewrites, but I am going to be SO FUCKING pissed if I don't get an A in this class. I wanted a 4.0 this semester and now I'm too busy praying that I don't lose my scholarship because of this idiotic class.

I am just so angry right now.
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