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drabble and boo-urns

Boo to school tomorrow. Boo to spending most of today for cleaning. Boo to blisters because of stupid shoes.

Meh to drabble I am posting now

Joy, in a Misplaced Key
Summary: Hallelujah. It's a miracle.
Spoilers: OotP, hence the cut-tage

He's here!

The door opens slowly.

Harry's screams are like the first bell being struck and all is silent, all is holy. This blessed night.

The body of Sirius drops with a heavy thud on the doorstep and Lupin's wand falls from his hand, clattering to the ground.

It stops when it hits the back of Harry's shoe and when Harry reaches out to Sirius, his hand pushing back hair tangled with snowflakes, he whispers, "Why did you do it?"

Remus stares at that too familiar expression in Sirius' eyes, calm and dead. "I thought it was a trick, Harry."

the end.

Hmm. May expand the above into a series of vignettes in either Remus' or Harry's POV. Will probably be fucked up. Yay to that.
Tags: drabble, fic, hp fic
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