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Thursday is a goodsday.

Too tired to think of an interesting title. Shoot me.

Today was interesting. I had two midterms, one after the other, in anthropology and Shakespeare. I have no clue how I did on the Anthro, my mind was a mash of lumpy potatoes while I was taking it and I don't think I wrote down anything but ramblings.

My Shakespeare went much better. Because I'm one of the five people in the rather large class of thirty students that's actually read the plays, I knew that test. I owned that test. That test had a stamp on it and it said "Property of Reg."

See, my prof gives us midterms and finals that have quotes, sometimes a line, othertimes a speech, and with Shakespeare, you only have to identity the speaker.

I cannot tell you how easy that is.

And *then* he also goes around giving hints and help on the test. If you're stuck, he'll say, "I think you're looking at the wrong play," or "Do you think that would be in a tragedy...?"

Christ, it's not rocket science here people, it's just English.

I was done withing twenty minutes. After I checked to make sure I was right with my answers.

Did I mention this was open book?

Yeah. It's cake. Well, it's hard if you don't READ THE FUCKING PLAYS which a lot of the class hasn't. Asshats.

(Sidenote: My professor was walking around in jeans and a T-shirt which undermines the whole professor thing as he usually wears very conservative suits. It was almost like bizzaro world. Plus, since I was done with my test so early, I couldn't help staring at his arms. Man's got some guns. What? I'm easily distracted.)

So, the test done, I was outta there, went home to have lunch. And pick up cookies and lemons.

Did I mention my English Club was throwing a tea party? Because we were. "An Afternoon Tea." 'Tis very british and I offered to force (or beg) my sister into making cookies (I helped, in fact I basically made the last batch of cookies) and bring in lemons should people desire that in their tea.

Twas going loverly, the club is small, a group of English majors who've all become friends, we had a lot of different teas: teas in bags (Starbucks' Tazo teas among them, and may I say, yum!) and loose tea such as darjiling (too lazy to look for correct spelling).

The English department was totally into our plans and helped too: they brought in real china, flatware, made traditional scones and tea sandwiches, so it was a LOT of food and a LOT of tea.

Finally, my prof (the one from before, I haven't thought of good nicknames for RL people, so I'm just generalizing here) strides in...in...

His marine corps uniform.

I was too shocked to salute. I mean, I was told that the professors were going to dress up (they are all insane, I mean, they wore tea hats! God, English majors are destined to be crazy.), but your uniform?

Okay, it was amusing, but also kind of weird.

Anyways, while I was attempting to laugh (trying the more demure bemused), the little party began.

And man, it was successful. At one point people couldn't get into the room because it was so crowded. It was [i]really[/i] sucessful and considering how much our club is "The Club for Slackers, By Slackers" it was amazing how it all pulled through.

And my cookies kicked ass.

It was nice to talk to my friends, to pimp our club like nobody's business and the profs were all awesome because they all pitched in to help.

Afterwards, it was gray and cool and we left in the pouring rain. How British. ;-)

My dad went to visist my great-aunt and all we have to do is pay for the flights and we're going to Puerto Rico. I'm very excited. It's "the homeland," y'know? And apparently my dad's family is pretty big down there; one of my dad's relatives is considered one of the most highly regarded people in the city (not San Juan, one of the smaller cities).

I'm so excited. Plus, one more class tomorrow and then it's Spring Break!

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