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I was a taller girl too, once.

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gotta have Faith

Here's how lame I am.

I see on quickquote: Faith not to be in GoF movie.

And I think: Wait...they were going to have Faith show up in GoF?

Turns out, er, that it isn't that Faith. Heh.

But still...that would be awesome.

"Harry, your task is to defeat Faith. Or to make out with her. You pick which one."

Harry: "Er..."

Sirius *shows up all of a sudden*: "It's okay Harry, I'll take care of it-"

Harry: "But wait, I thought Professor Lupin was fucking serious, I mean, er...you!"

Faith: "When in England. I'll try anything once. Two wizards? Bring it on."

Lupin *magically appears for no reason even I can fathom*: "Actually I'm a were-"

Faith: "Oh, well, that'll be a second time for me, then."

mad sex *ensues*

Harry: "This is why I became CAPLOCKED."
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