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I was a taller girl too, once.

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GIP and request

This icon makes me want to write naughty, raunchy, shameless porn.

*licks icon*

*pets raelala*

So I am writing fic (and fics, I will get some of my way overdue fics written and completed, dammit!). And doing a terrible job of it.

I think by this weekend, one HP fic will be ready for at least someone to give it a nice once-over and this is the portion of my post wherein I shamelessly ask any suckers to step up and volunteer. It's currently around 4000 words and probably won't go over 7000...unless I develop a taste for crack.

It'll be Remus/Sirius, obviously. Anyone want to volunteer? I'll write ya a drabble/ficlet.

And I wrote five drabbles killing off Remus. It depressed me a whole lot and I'm probably not going to post it. Besides the fact of it kinda sucking in the unfun way.

Thus we reach the part where I bow out, still lusting after this icon.

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