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Five Ways to Kill Remus J. Lupin, Professor

Boo to stupid fic. I'm stuck halfway during a sex scene and I can't write myself out of it. And heh, I don't think Remus or Sirius appreciate being stuck in medias res, as it were.

Per request in the comments of yesterday's post, I shall henceforth post my five eeeevil drabbles killing off Lupin. And it even bummed me out.

Maybe it'll jog something in my mind and I can finish up where the skin has forgotten you.

Five Ways to Kill Remus J. Lupin
Rating: R-ish
Spoilers: Fair game for all books, but clearly this is AU stuff
Author's Notes: I really don't want Remus Lupin to die. And these are the ways he won't. Not exactly a proper drabble project, but what the hell.


It happens in seconds. In no time at all. It takes an age.

Wormtail looks at Harry, pure hatred burning in his face. He moves too quickly and Lupin jumps in front of Harry.

The silver hand strikes out, and Wormtail's eyes are blazing, but widened in fear.

They are so very close to the precipice, the deep crack where Voldemort once stood and, and then it happens -

Lupin lets go. There is screaming. There is silence.

And Lupin takes Wormtail with him and they take forever to fall.

Harry holds out a hand to Sirius and chokes out, "He's gone, Sirius. He's gone."


They don't even bother to send him to Azkaban when it's revealed that the Potters' secret keeper was a werewolf.

The Dementor slides in and the crowd's cheering is cut halfway through as the awful kiss begins.

There is talk of making an example out of the beast, but hours after the kiss is performed, the werewolf dies, eyes closed and arms crossed, as if he died in peace.

Sirius Black nods to Dumbledore, an awful feeling of gratitude evident in his eyes and leaves, bringing the remains of Peter to his poor mother.

Remus hadn't been laughing, only whispering, 'the rat, the rat.'


He tells Lily to run. That's all he can say, all he knows to say and he brandishes his wand, and when Voldemort enters, he doesn't care that this is the end, because he will not let his son and Lily be harmed.

Even when the curse begins, he refuses to believe that he has died without reason.

And then there is the flash of light and he doesn't scream.


Voldemort swears to give werewolves freedom. That is all that matters, years spend locked away from 'normal' wizards, the bitterness of being barred from Hogwarts, that is all that reminds in his mind.

So when he waves the wand in front of Sirius Black, he feels nothing at all, except for the pride of taking out one of Dumbledore's beloved agents.

But the silver dagger plunges in his back, and he wonders what if -

And then darkness pools into his vision and the last thing he sees is Black staring at him with almost pity.


He is old and alone and forgotten.

It's better this way.

His career at Hogwarts was forgettable and his school friends had their own tragedies during the first wave of Voldemort's terror, but he knew to stay out of it, he wouldn't dare risk his secret being revealed.

A shame to hear of that Harry Potter's death, he was supposed to be a remarkable young man, attempting to take on Voldemort all by his lonesome.

As he sits on the last flight out of Britain, the country all but lost to Voldemort and his forces, he doesn't move when the plane starts going down, knowing that at least, he will finally feel something - pain.

Better an ending than nothing.


...well that didn't help at all. Damn you, p0rn!
Tags: drabble, fic, hp fic, remus/sirus
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