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Will be doing a decent post tonight. I feel all boring when I'm not posting, but the week's been hectic.

This new upload page is far too wide. Boo.

Had a fantastic time at TARCon. Was molested by Danny and Oswald (of The Amazing Race Season 2, also nicknamed Team Cha Cha Cha). Have photographic evidence. Oswald is really fucking tall, as I was wearing my black boots of doooom, which make me tend to lord over people at around 6'2".

Any future bid for a political office has been destroyed.

Was worth it.

But siriusly (hee, I am 12 and easily amused), it was great to go and meet fellow TAR fans, take a tour of Madison Square Garden, stand in the way of Gloria Estafen fans making their way to her concert, chilling inside of Play by Play (where TARCon was held) and saying "My Ox is Broken" and "INTENSE" in various permutations thereof, and seeing Colin actually be a good sport and wear a "My Ox Is Broken" T-Shirt as fans took pictures (and learning how short he is and I was standing next to him for quite a while, heh). Chip and Kim are just so damn nice, Team Guido of S1 brought their dog, Guido (so cute!), and possibly best of all, there was a cheer/dance routine from Andrew (of S3) in honor of The Amazing Race and he brought it, yo.

Oh fuck y'all, it was awesome.
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