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An Open Letter to Mutant Enemy

Dear Mutant Enemy,

Look, we don't always see eye to eye. I gave up AtS because of the C/A thing, but I came back didn't I? I danced and squeed about the Wesley/Lilah arc and I was with you when Faith showed her bad ass in town. And I think the Angelus arc kicked and Cordevillia's an awesome idea. I'm watching the show now and I'm hooked, dammit. Wesley, Faith, Connor, Angelus, Gunn, I love 'em all. I even don't hate Fred. And I'm intrigued by Cordevillia. You see? I'm not that difficult. Just give me evil, mayhem, and sexy antiheroes and I'm there.

As for BtVS...okay, I really want to finish this last season. I really, really do. I want to love it, I want to not *loathe* it.

Okay, I love Wood. I do. I think he's a really interesting character. I'm in love with Nikki and not just because she's representin', NYC in da house! (sorry, I couldn't help it)

But from what I gathered from this episode's conclusion I am not supposed to support his decision to kill the UNREPENTANT MURDERER of his mother, who was STALKED and HUNTED by said murderer, until her final, painful death.

And I am supposed to root for Spike, who took Nikki's jacket back and told Wood to fuck off, he can do whatever he wants?

Did you forget the Angel has a soul arc? The fucking importance of that? Because Mr. Spike "Mommy Issues" William the Bloody has just shat all OVER those fucking foundations to not only early BtVS, but AtS, that OTHER show you have.

Spike has a soul, and is no different and hasn't changed a bit from the creature that was going to RAPE Buffy, KILL the Scoobies, and has MURDERED random people (by the First's orders, so he's scot-free)!

And was I supposed to laugh at Anya's "Spike has a get out a jail-free card" or just grumble bitterly, ESPECIALLY since you've completely dropped her OWN redemption arc.

I wasn't going to use harsh language, but fuck you.

Buffy's willing to kill Dawn (who ya know, has MAGICAL roots and maybe they could find a way for her to be useful [the Scoobies, not you, ME]), and she's probably willing to kill Giles and Willow (who, in case you don't remember past season have IMMENSE power and could probably be the only onese to fight unseen/non-bodies enemies [see last week's AtS for reference]).

But Spike?

Oh, he's SPECIAL. He's WONDERFUL. He's vamped and he LOVES his mother, he isn't evil, no-sir, not one bit!

I can't tell you how fucked up your characterization of Spike is. I don't see any depth, I see someone with random traits that come to play in the most scattered fucking way. Farscape has gotten a bad rap for some bad characterization of Aeryn in Season Four, but I think you deserve an award for Spike, truly the most horrific character I have ever been forced to watch.

Am I supposed to cheer for him? Loathe him? Sympathize with him? I have no clue, but I can tell you this:

I. Loathe. Him.

And Buffy? I *want* to like her. I've wanted to "get" her. Stop it, just stop it! Either give Trixie a job ghost-writing the last eps or just knock off the bullshit. You have made her a cardboard character made of sand with "Spike RULEZ" tatooed in black magic marker.

If *Giles* is telling her she's being stupid, I'm not going to disagree with him. He's the voice of *reason* on the show, so you are making your herione look like an idiot and a petulant brat.


8 episodes left and I've never been left so cold.

I may give up, I don't think I want to watch this trainwreck anymore. You've completely ruined any sense of fun, any sense of "going with the flow." For hell's sake, I liked "Dead Things"! I'm not hard to please. I can take darkness!

I can take a darker Buffy!

I can take a messy Buffy/Spike relationship!

I can, under controlled substances, take Spike!

But this is all you have shown me for the past two seasons. And it's only gotten messier and makes no fucking sense.

So, I think we have a failure to understand each other.

And I'm pretty much ready to give you the one finger salute and saunter on my way.

One year and all my fandoms dying/dead. This is weird.

Regala Electra
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