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Farscape, The Show That Makes Me Sob Like a Biiiiitch

I just...

I sobbed. So fucking hard.

And I stuck to the Old Rule of Sci-Fi/Fantasy for as long as I could.

It's not a death if there's not a body. If there's not a fucking burnt corpse. If there's not a...

Then the planet was just swallowed up.

D'Argo is dead.


D'Argo Sun Crichton.

Harvey's gone forever.

Sikuzo showed her true nature.

The Peacekeepers and Scarrans have a temporary agreement for peace. Not very likely to last considering those glares.

And Scorpius, the half-breed, residing over the union - god. I really do not like what was going on behind that face.

Just wait for the fucking Nebari, man.

There was a lot of beautiful things to admire. To revel in. But besides this hell of a cold I'm fighting, I just can't...

Who's your daddy?

It's D'Argo.


Oh, the story may have paused on a possibly hopeful note, but all the sacrifice, all that is lost, and all that is still up in the air.

It's hard to love this show sometimes just because it's so emotionally engaging. But oh.


Aeryn walks out, moments after giving birth, shooting.

John is revived by his son.

There is no happy ending, but there is someday...hope.
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